Monday, October 3, 2016

An Ele-phant Never Forgets [May - September 2016 Edition]

May 2016

When she knows she shouldn't touch something she claps her hands and yells, "NO!"

She climbs on everything. I caught her on top of a table that has their play stove top on it, desperately trying to climb onto the wooden play refrigerator sitting next to it. She's going to give me a heart attack.

She's obsessed with lids. Lids to a pen, chapstick, container &etc. go on and off... on and off... on and off... and if she's frustrated her little fingers won't do what she thinks they should do... she yells at them.

She has become quite the chatterbox. I wish I knew what her precious garble meant, but I love listening to her and encouraging her to continue it.

This month in pictures and videos:

We visited the Omaha zoo and couldn't resist this picture opportunity! Comparing my baby Ele to a baby Ele-phant! 
She thought the baby goat attempting to eat her jacket was hilarious.

She backs her bum right up to anyone sitting and makes herself comfy.

All 4 of us attempted kite flying. It was unsuccessful, but it was fun.

A wonderful Mother's Day with my babies!

"Giddy haw!"

Watching the bats at the zoo. Both were extremely fascinated. We must have stood there for 10 minutes watching them eat the fruit.

She didn't last long. It was a good nap in mommy's arms. 

All these animals and she'd rather play in the dirt.

Sister cuddles.

Her sister attempted dressing her. This is as far as she got.

June 2016
Loves throwing her fork off her high chair and saying, "UH OH!"

Has finally begun to like looking at books. She was too squirmy to even think about sitting still long enough to get through one, but she enjoys looking at them herself. It's hilarious when she narrates it!

This month in pictures and videos:

Playing her favorite game: Where's Ele?

July 2016
She asks, "What's da?" for everything.

When she's tired she asks for "nigh nigh".

She has an obsession with shoes and is the only way I can get her to come and get dressed, "Come on Ele, let's put on your shoes!" and she'll come running! In fact, Bean comforted her in a moment of distress with the following question, "Are you sad? Do you need new shoes?" She stopped crying and said, "shuuuuuuus".

This month in pictures and videos:

This girl could care less for the iPad/iPhone until you turn on classical/instrumental music on YouTube.

She has an excellent stink eye. When she doesn't want to talk to people she gives them the side eye and a major frown; complete with duck lips.

Her vocabulary has exploded the last two weeks of this month! She's added...
  • shoes = shuuuuus
  • Mandy
  • "get it" (the command for the dogs to eat their food)
  • juice = juuuuus (which sounds similar to shoes because she puckers her lips when she says the end sound - which is an adorable version of the duck face)
  • puppy (she loves bossing them)
  • Cheese (for pictures)
  • Hey!
This month in pictures and videos:

Our poor baby got really sick. She threw up twice at church before going back home and continued to throw up 8 more times after that over a 2 day time period. Baths were the best therapy.

Baths and sisters.

Baths and sisters and cuddles with mommy.
She took a stool, climbed up on our window seat, threw down the pillows and ripped the clock off the wall. After hearing an enormous crash and a cute little "UH OH" I knew trouble was afoot.

She loves scrambled eggs and will eat 2-3 in one breakfast setting. This child has always been tiny (in the 10-20% for her height and weight) but you'd never know it by the way she eats.

When she's upset I ask her, "Ele, what's wrong baby?" and she'll answer me with unintelligible garble, but it always helps her to stop crying! Also, it's adorable and sad.

Apparently the ssssssss sound is hilarioussssss because every time I hiss at her she giggles.

New Words (which are added to daily because she attempts to copy everything we say, so I'll list the most popular and the cutest):
  • Cracker = caca (she could eat these
  • Minnie 
  • Bweeeelle (Brielle)
This month in pictures and videos:
This is a pretty accurate picture of our crazy Ele - on the move.

That look of concentration!

Uh, what's on my fingers?!

Wearing her sister's costume from last year!

With Aunt Symie (aka Sydnie)

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