Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Being Pregnant {Just like with everything in life, there's somethings you love and somethings you hate.}

There's most definitely pro's and con's to being pregnant. With 4 weeks left I am counting down the days not only until we meet our precious baby girl, but I can't wait for...

... drinking a Corona, with lime. I have been craving one since the first trimester, what an awful thing to crave. Some say that it's fine to indulge in a sip or two, but I'd feel guilty, so I'm patiently waiting.

... sleeping on my back and tummy. My shoulders are sore.

... tying my shoes AND being able to breathe normally.

... not worrying about my shirts being "belly shirts."

... taking a walk without Braxton Hicks contractions.

... getting up from a seated position without asking for assistance or looking like a lumpy klutz.

... clipping my toe nails without gasping for air!

... being able to fit into all my shoes, not just the ones that fit my extra wide feet.

... getting my brain back. I swear I'm turning into more of an air brain daily. I do the stupidest, most ridiculous things!

Although my "what I don't like about pregnancy" is rather extensive [and there are pieces I won't share here... haha], there are reasons why I love being pregnant.
  • I love feeling her move. There's nothing like it. I try to guess body parts as they move across my belly, or guess whether it's a little hand or foot that's jammed into my ribs, or fascinate over the amount of times she can get hiccups in one day and the fact that you can see my whole belly twitch every time one comes up. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it gets old, but when she moves I can't help but share it with EVERYONE around me. I want to scream, "LOOK! MY BABY'S MOVING! HOW COOL IS THAT?!"
  • Seeing her ultra sound brings me to tears. I find it fascinating.
  • God is amazing. Throughout this process I have been reminded of how absolutely amazing God's creation really is - everything, and I mean everything, works out for an exact purpose. The more I learn about her development, breast feeding, the intricacies of birth I'm reminded of how finite my mind really is and how BIG God is. I think, wow, my body does what? This happens because... wow! I had to laugh at a comment made in my breast feeding book because they're talking about how the breast milk has "stages" and as milk develops it has very specific vitamins and minerals that help the baby through the first moments of life, formula can't mimic this, so they said something to the fact that mother nature knows best. Au contraire... "Oh, the depth of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments and how inscrutable his ways!" - Romans 11:33 {Psalm 139:13-16 is perfect for this as well!}
  • One of my friends said she experienced some separation anxiety after the birth of her daughter because she was suddenly very aware that from now on she wouldn't know exactly what she was eating, exactly where she was or what she was doing, or that she was warm and cozy. Suddenly she was thrust out into the world and taking care of her became that much more difficult. So I'm going to enjoy this part of getting to know her because I know she's warm, I know she's fed, I know she's safe, and those are things I won't always know through her life.
  • I love the selfless service people offer. "Oh, do you need to sit down?" or "Here let me help you carry that!" or "Sit down while I get that for you!" or "Sit here, this seat is way more comfortable!" or "Honey, I've so been there, take my place in the line for the next bathroom stall." (Thank God there are women like that out there... or I'd have peed my pants on more than one occasion. LOL)
  • This might sound a tad crazy, but I think of my belly as a little "accessory." Pregnant women are so cute (however, there's times where I DON'T think this about myself) and I actually enjoy picking outfits. Not all the time, mind you, but getting a whole new wardrobe - come on ladies - who doesn't enjoy that?!
  • I love the intimacy you share with your spouse, I have a part of Kyle growing inside me! We are responsible for this life. Together we love her. We discuss our expectations as she grows up. We pray together asking God to help us raise her in a Godly home where He is the focus. This has brought us together in ways I couldn't possibly imagine. Every day he talks to her, kisses her, holds her and while I watch him love her, I love him all the more. He's been there every single step of the way, through the yucky stuff that you don't talk about with anyone else to the amazing moments that put you in a place of awe. Kyle has been amazing so far and I can't wait to see him in action through the birth and, I might burst into tears just typing this, I can't wait to see him hold her for the first time. I didn't know how much I loved Kyle until I saw how much he already loves his little girl.
I'm sure that as time goes on I could add to my love/hate lists, but this is a great place to start. I'm glad I ended with the things I love because now I feel all sorts of mushy. To make things worse we have a doctor's appointment today and we get to tour the hospital. Hehe, it seems so crazy to get excited for something like that!

Ladies, we are blessed with bodies that are able to endure some pretty amazing things. Yes, there are going to be parts that we hate, but there are just as many we can ooooo and awwwww over, because this 40 week journey is pretty AWWWWesome if you truly sit down and think about it.

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