Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Countdown = 29 Days Today!

August 14, 2012 - That was yesterday and that was the 8 month mark!
That makes me happy as a lark
My countdown is now at 29 days and counting
I've noticed the skin on my nose and upper lip is browning
Thankfully, from what I read, that should all go away
Which is one reason why I'm counting down the days
We've done a lot these last few weeks.
Like traveling to some of the nations best mountain "peaks"
Baby Lowery may not remember but we visited Scotty in Cody, Wyoming
In Yellowstone we saw quite a bit of wildlife roaming
We literally ran into a big black bear
It gave us quite a scare
Then we stayed with Steph in Missoula, Montana
We joked that it was a popular place for havana
Our favorite was floating down the river
The cold water did make us shiver
While we were there I hit 34 weeks and I felt HUGE
I apologize if I was acting the scrooge...
The view from our hike was breathtaking
Afterwards, Steph's dog Maebe was aching
She cuddled with the bump for quite a while
Which made me smile
After we left Montana, Baby Lowery also visited Idaho.
The drive went by soooooo slow
When we finally got to Grand County Auntie Mandy felt her move
I decided she spends her time practicing dance moves, and by now has quite the groove
She had her first baby shower and came away with a lot of stuff
She won't have to worry about going out in the buff
After that Daddy, Uncle Matt and Gpa Reno did a lot of work on our home
So when she finally gets here we can experience some shalom
We're now down to 29 days
Which will go by in a blaze
I'm getting all panicky when I think of all that still needs to be done
Despite all that I can't wait to meet our little one!

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