Friday, December 28, 2012

7 MORE Mommy BFF's

I wrote about 7 items that became my "best friends" after being a brand new mommy for 7 days. (Here's the link if you don't remember or didn't see that blog: 7 New Mom BFF's) Now that I've been a mommy for almost 100 days (99 to be exact) I have a few more items to add to that list!
  1. iPhone - Now I know this sounds crazy, but I'm dead serious. I do not know what I would do without it. To keep me from boredom while breast feeding I cruise through Pinterest, Facebook, my Food Network app, play a game or two... it helps pass the time there. Plus, I set alarms reminding myself to wash the disposable diapers, or check the bread as it's rising (it's so easy to get distracted as you take care of your little one).  She LOVES the PlayTales app and I play the "Crazy Farm" book over and over again. She'll start smiling and kicking her feet once she figures out where all those noises (barn yard animal sounds!) are coming from. I also keep a lullaby mix I made from iTunes on my music which I'll play in the vehicle or as I'm rocking her and I'll hum along. The ability to take pictures and video's is just a click away since it's always near me and I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality! Instagram is also a new favorite because I can share those pictures of her beautiful little face with family and friends. My mom and Aunt Sydnie seem to be her biggest fans. :) If I have a concern I search webmd, babycenter, or any number of websites out there that offer advice on Gripe, gas drops, fever, etc. Plus my mom and fellow mommy's are only a text away if I need a question answered. There's so many reasons I love having a smart phone as a new mommy.
  2. Mobile - My sister gave me her mobile that plays music, lights up, and has animals that move around and she LOVES it. If she's grumpy and rubbing her eyes, I put her in her crib, turn on this mobile, and it's an instant smile, cooing, and kicking around.
  3. Bath Sponge - She quickly out grew her bathtub that fit in the sink. So we fill the tub and use this bath sponge (found at Kmart for only $6).
  4. Hooded Towels - I'm not talking about the dinky one's that are tiny and thin. I'm talking a regular sized towel with a hood to wrap them up in. I've had a few that were home made by a talented seamstress, but there are places that sell quality hooded towels. Find them. It's worth it.
  5. Grow-an-Inch Onsies - Kmart sells these onsies that have two sets of snap buttons, so the onsies actually fit a rapidly growing baby for more than one month!
  6. Vix (cool, no filter) Humidifier - They are kinda noisy (which I hated at first) until I realized that it was excellent white noise. It's easy to fill and the vix pads work amazingly well. She's had a stuffy nose for the last 3 days and I truly believe it's helped her breath easier.
  7. Bobby Pillow - I love it to help her in sitting up (which she's insisting on doing lately) and she can't do it on her own just yet. And I use it to wrap around my waist as I feed her - she's getting heavier and heavier, so this helps support her weight without being exhausting on my arms.

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