Saturday, February 22, 2014

Briella Bean is 17 Months Old!

This month she's added diaper, kiki (Quigley), nama (banana), apple (the letter L comes out like a W, haha) Mimi (Minnie/Mickey) and down to her vocabulary.

She sings her own adorable version of If You're Happy & You Know it (my favorite is when she stomps her feet and throws her hands up for "AMEN!").

We have a dance party to the song Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker at least 5 times a day (not kidding). How she asks me to dance with her or turn the song on is hilarious. The best is when she grabs her baby, or a stuffed animal and dances with it.

She recognizes the letter B and the shape star.

When we pray she's starting to bow her head by putting her chin to her chest and peeking at us.

If she sees me do something, she is always interested in mimicking. Like using keys, for example...

With every package that comes in the mail she's immediately interested in it, thinking it's for her (spoiled?). So when she got these glasses from Auntie Mel, she was obsessed and thanked me over and over again for giving them to her.

She's turned into such a jabber box! She walks miles around the couch - yelling, talking, singing - with Quigley following her around the entire time. Those two are like siblings, I swear. She's constantly yelling at him, poor guy. I don't know what he does, but I'll hear her telling him to "stop" constantly. He's a licker so I can only imagine.

She's starting to answer questions with a very thoughtful no. At first I'd ask her questions like, "Do you love _____?" (mommy/daddy/Quigley/Poppy/Marley) and she'd pause, think and state, "...nnnnno?" Now she replies with the person I mention, "Do you love daddy?" -- "Daddy!" (I guess that means yes!) What's best is when I ask her for a bear hug or kiss and she responds with her thoughtful "...nnnnnno?" The "no" is cute until I give her a command like, "Brielle, come here." -- "...nnnno?" And then we have problems. We're working on first time obedience and so far she's been such a quick learner. I feel blessed. There are days, moments, where I wonder if it's worth the battle until there's a moment where I NEED her to listen for her own safety and she responds immediately. Whew. It's worth it.

Right now we're working on picking up (does anyone have a song or rhyme for that? If so, please share!) and holding my hand when I ask her to (crossing streets, grocery store isles, etc.). At first holding her hands resulted in a complete meltdown (she HATES her hands and feet touched, she has a ginormous bubble) but we.are.getting.there.

I swear this girl inherited everything from her daddy... her hair, her eyes, her brain, everything. She's one smart little cookie (like her father), her capacity to learn in a short amount of time blows me away daily.


  1. Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up clean up, everybody do your share!