Thursday, March 13, 2014

How Sanctification is Like Kneading Bread

I've been in a weird funk this week. I've been dragging through the last few days. I think it's the "Bahamas Trip Hangover" combined with the time change. I have no desire to do anything and I'm lacking any sort of inspiration. My house is finally getting the make over it desperately needs and I gathered up enough gumption to make cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow morning and bread to go with deer meatball sandwiches for dinner tonight. As I'm kneading the dough I realized something fantastic: sanctification is just like kneading bread.

And just like that I have inspiration and had to share some thoughts on how sanctification is like kneading bread.
I hate kneading bread. The 6-8 minutes you spend turning sticky dough into a strong, molded-together ball drags on for a lifetime (of course I'm exaggerating, but it does seem to take forever). However, when I knead bread I gather some of my best thoughts. Today it was on sanctification.

Let me explain sanctification the best way I can: the work of God in your life to set you apart for Himself. It is the process of becoming Christ-like. Once you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior the process begins and the process does not end until the day you die and meet Jesus Christ face-to-face. Some mistake the process as being fun, adventurous, and joyous. Don't get me wrong, it can be those things, but mostly it's painstakingly difficult, laborious, and forces change from the inside out.

In other words, we are being set-apart from the world for His glory. To be set-apart from the world requires that we think and act differently than the rest of the world. We need to set our mind on the things of Christ and doing so will not make us popular.

In order to become Christ-like there's things we must give up, friends may or may not like what we stand for, and He will forever be changing us into His likeness! Like bread we start out a sticky mess and with work we become strong and ready to rise. Like bread the process takes work and time. Fold. Push. Knead. Fold. Push. Knead. Add Flour. Fold. Push. Knead. Punch. Drive in the knuckles. Fold. Knead. If you stop short on the recommended time your bread will not be strong enough to rise! Your muscles may burn a bit, but fold, knead, push, add flour, punch, drive in the knuckles, lean into it.

In order to become like Christ we will be folded in half. We will be pushed. It will get messy. He will continuously add what it takes to make us less sticky. In order to be strong, in order to rise, this process must happen and it will take time.

So accept tribulations with joy. Accept what He throws at you as a chance to grow and change into His likeness. Like bread, take the kneading and take it on your knees in prayer of thanksgiving, knowing you'll be stronger because of it and ready to rise.


  1. Man, I'd have a hard time being motivated too, lol. Love the bread analogy, especially that last line. Even Jesus said we will all rise again on the last day. The greatest truth of the Christian faith right there. Hope you are able to find more motivation in the upcoming days! Rebekah