Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Bucket List]

We are back!

After the craziness of summer starts to wind down, Melany and I have decided to get back on track with our top ten's. What a better way to kick off the top ten's than a bucket list... list?!

I have an extensive bucket list, one that is saved on Pinterest and includes beautiful pictures of all those places I want to visit or the things I want to do. Be sure to check it out - perhaps you'll add something to your own list?

Despite the long list of things I'd like to do or see before I kick the bucket, I do have a top ten...

1. I desperately want to visit Italy. Ever since I was a child and saw a National Geographic magazine highlighting Mt. Vesuvius and the remains of lives affected by the mountain's eruption, I've wanted to visit!

2. I want to wear a big hat and get all dressed up for a Kentucky Derby! That sounds like so much fun. Thankfully, my husband is totally on board with this idea (honestly, I think it has a lot to do with the mint juleps).

3. Someday I want to work side by side with my husband on a small ranch of our own. My husband dreams of Alaska, I honestly don't care as long as we homestead together. Land filled with horses, chickens, dogs, cats, cows... a lot of work... but well worth it.

4. Scottland and Ireland are calling my name. They're beautiful, packed with history, and I simply want to hear the natives talk!

5. There is a bridge in Paris where you hang a lock and throw the key in the river. I would like to engrave the lock with BecKyle and throw away the key with my husband. It signifies forever and that's what we work for - day in and day out.
I guess there's also a tradition like this in Germany... so let's do both!

6. Someday I want a tattoo. I have yet to decide what to get or where to get it... like I said... someday. But if I'm going to get something that permanent, I want it to have meaning. So I'll take my time.

7. I'm in love with the idea of hiking, taking pictures, making camp, sleeping under the stars and waking up to do it all over again. I want to do this with my husband for a week at least; and then come home to take a really long, lovely shower (probably with him as well, hehe).

8. I would love to say that I've visited all 50 states.

9. My "BOOK bucket list" is a mile long. My goodreads "to read" list only displays 63 of them, but you should see my office downstairs... oy.... Books will always be part of my bucket list, but I doubt I'll live long enough to read all of them.

10. Someday I hope to publish a book. My husband tries to convince me every day to pursue this endeavor. Writing isn't the issue, it's what to do once the writing is done. (Sigh.)

Don't forget to check out Melany's Bucket List as well!

Stay tuned for next Tuesday, we'll be writing about our top ten summer outfits.


  1. I need a bucket list, too! I've never really thought of it...oh wait, I don't have time!! haha

    1. Haha! Perhaps making a bucket list should be first on your bucket list?