Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [My Idea of a Good Time!]

AaaaaND we're back! What makes that even better is our fun topic: "My Idea of a Good Time!"

  1. Cuddling my baby girls. There is nothing like it in the world. Chubby hands wrapped around me, head snuggled in on my shoulder, contented sighs... I could do it all day long.
  2. Front porch sittin' (we also have a lovely covered back porch, but I like the way that sounded). A cool drink in hand, friends, family, long talks, belly laughs, good food... there's nothing like the relaxation of porch sitting.
  3. Hiking. There's something about the exercise and the beautiful sight seeing. I love thinking of all the pictures worth taking as well. 
  4. Thrift store shopping. I've found some pretty fantastic "treasures" through the years.
  5. Decorating. It's so much fun to see a room come together just as I have it pictured in my head.
  6. Time studying God's Word. Since learning how to do it properly I see it come alive in ways I never, ever thought was possible. I once thought it was boring, but now I could do it all.the.time. if it wasn't for God's calling me to be a wife and mother as well. 
  7. Reading a good book with a good drink. I don't care if that drink is coffee, chai tea, A&W Root Beer, beer, gin and tonic, Earl Grey tea, a mojito... (I have lots of favorites!) whatever the drink it's 10 times better with a good book.
  8. Theme/Dress Up Party. One of the best parts about these kinds of parties is the time spent preparing the costume and the time spent seeing (and laughing or aw-ing or wow-ing) over everyone else's.
  9. Pinterest. I've been inspired, motivated, educated, (and and and) so I don't consider it time wasted.
  10. Date night with my amazing hubby. Any time spent with him is time well spent.
I could put more on this list (like crafting, and traveling, and writing) but we'll leave it at that. Enough of me! Check out Melany!

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