Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday's Top Ten [Join the Dark Side]

We love all things dark in this house. Dark chocolate. Dark coffee. Dark tea. Today's top ten is our favorite dark delectable treats. Join us on the dark side...

1. Thanks to my sister's in laws Lindt's coconut dark chocolate is a favorite treat. Seriously the best chocolate I've ever had.

2. Starbucks Sumatra coffee. The bolder the better and this is the best.

3. Dark chocolate M&M's. A handful of these is a pretty great treat! They say that dark chocolate is good for you (plus it's a bean and beans are vegetables, right?), so I'll have two handfuls... 
4. Dark chocolate and sea salt is the most amazing combination ever. When I see anything with those two ingredients it is really, really, really hard to walk away from it. Add caramel and I CAN'T walk away.

5. Dark French Roast coffee is always a go-to. I've tried Subway Select's, Starbucks, Green Mountain Coffee and I like them all.

6. Dark chocolate covered almonds. My mouth waters just thinking about it...

7. Dark Kisses. 
8. Dark chocolate and mint is another wonderful combo. Ice cream. Kisses. M&M's. Junior Mint's. It's all good.

9. Dark chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I make these I also put cookie dough in the freezer for a yummy treat that never lasts long.

10. Black tea like Earl Grey is one I thoroughly enjoy, especially for tea parties and rainy days.

Plus one...
Mounds are my husband's favorite treat and have become something I enjoy right along with him.
In fact, it was my husband who's preference for dark chocolate convinced me the dark side was the way to go. Haha, I didn't go kicking and screaming though.

By simply creating that list I feel all jittery. Don't enjoy the entire list all at once... 

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