Monday, May 9, 2016

An Ele-phant Never Forgets [9-12 months]

9 months...
... we joke that she's our Ele monster because she's been growly since being a few months old. It freaked Bean out so much that she'd cry, "I'm scared of Ele monster!" Hilarious stuff. What's best about her monster-ness is when Daddy plays chase - growling and stomping after the girls - Bean runs away from him, Ele growls and crawls towards him!
... she's been doing this forever, but we call it her "Joey" move. She tips her head back and murmurs, "m..." when people start talking to her. (It reminds me so much of Joey's, "How you doin'?" move from Friends.)

... she's obsessed with dirty stuff. Dirt piles, dirty diapers, shoes, socks... within seconds of changing her diaper she beelines for the dirty one. Gross. Sweeping is difficult when she's awake because she scatters the dirt pile everywhere and she absolutely loves chewing on dirty socks. Gag.
... has an obsession with stuffed animals. She'll squeeze them and pat them and rock them in her arms and carry them around in her mouth.

10 months...
... stands on her own and takes A step. For the longest time she refused to take any more. She finally took her first steps on Saturday March 19th in front of her Poppy, Uncle David, Daddy and Mommy! She was so proud of herself as we all cheered her on.
... says, "nigh, nigh" for night-night. When Josiah (my sisters baby) was in his swing, she rocked it back and forth, cooing, "nigh, nigh" over and over again.
... LOVES shortbread girl scout cookies. The moment she sees one, she FREAKS out.
... not sure how she did this, but Mandy walked into the living room (after BRIEFLY leaving it) to find Ele IN the baby swing, sitting ON TOP of Josiah. Seriously kid. She's the crazy one.
... began signing "eat" but instead of using the tips of her fingers she slaps her lips with her palm.

11 months...
... signed "eat please" instead of just "eat" and then screaming!
... she LOVES baby dolls. She will sit in a rocking chair to rock and burp them. So so so so cute to see my baby pretending to be a little mommy!
... since learning to walk the girl is a walking bruise, especially her poor forehead.
... one of Bean's "chores" is feeding the dogs. Ele LOVES to help with this. It's hilarious to watch her put the food in their bowl! Quigley and Marley are so patient with her too. She likes to stick her little fingers in the food while their eating. Marley just dodges her, but Quigley sits and waits for her little hands to be outta there. Usually we have to hold her so they're left alone and can eat in peace!
... becoming mobile has made bedtime entertaining. The MOMENT she's naked she squirms around for freedom and takes off - hysterically giggling. When I run after her I can't help but laughing with her as she belly laughs. It is absolutely adorable.

12 months...

It's so incredibly hard to believe this girl is one already! This year flew by. What a wonderful year it's be with this beautiful, smart, onery, laughing, fearless Ele-Monster! Nicknamed Ele-Monster because she growls at everything (and she's crazy)!

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