Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday's Top Ten [Things I Love About the 4th!]

Yesterday was a fantastically busy, yet a wonderfully satisfying day. Here's a few reasons I've come to love celebrating Independence Day!

1. Everyone is outside. We spent much of our day walking around from activity to activity and visiting with others who were outside celebrating by shooting off fireworks, grilling, playing games, etc. etc. That's the best part of this holiday is that everyone wants to be outside. It didn't matter were we walked, we had someone to talk to and an invite to join them!

2. Community. Not only does the neighborhood go outside for fun, but community members volunteer their time to give firetruck rides to kids or shoot off the town fireworks display or put on a parade (or take a picture for us).

3. Fireworks. I've learned to love and hate these things, but they are a big part of what makes the 4th, the 4th. I hate them because if you're not careful they are dangerous (example: one of former students lost an eye) and there are too many inconsiderate members of the community. If fireworks are being shot off past the towns cut off time you are having fun at the expense of others who have to go to work early the next morning or children who can't sleep because of them or war veterans or poor dogs like my Quigley who hide under the bed. It's then I hate fireworks because they display the selfishness of some. BUT I also love them. They can be powerfully beautiful, fun, and weird (haha, the black snakes are a perfect example of that).

4. We dress to match! Everyone is wearing red, white, or blue. Or a combination of the three.

5. BBQ. We ate 4 meals yesterday and all of them were with friends. One grilled pork chops, another made hamburgers, and another smoked a turkey. Yum. We were happily and thankfully stuffed.

6. Summer weather. Only once in my 31 years have I experienced snow on this day (and that was in the mountains). Other than a few showers here and there the weather is generally sunny and beautiful!

7. Awesome photo opps! With all those matching outfits and pretty fireworks there are plenty of opportunities to capture the moment. Some of my favorite pictures are from this day.

8. Time with loved ones. Any time with friends and family, is cherished time.

9. A day with my hubby. I love it that this holiday gives me a day with the man I love.

10. Celebrating, as one nation, the freedoms offered to us. I know that wherever I go in this great nation of ours, people in every state, in every town will be celebrating. That's pretty amazing.

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