Monday, May 28, 2012

Divine Providence

Kyle and I were meant to be. God put us together. How he did it is a rather humorous story and one worth sharing because it made us realize that nothing is of our own doing. I do not believe in coincidences and our relationship began with a sombrero hat!

It’s amazing how he used this seemingly unimportant object to demonstrate how he is in control. And it all started because I was upset with my sorority that they didn’t like my idea of hosting a Gamma Phi-esta. The symbols for my sorority were Gamma Phi Iota and thought the theme was rather clever. Back in those days we were heavy partiers, but despite this fact HE had plans for us that we never even saw coming. He had His hand in our lives from the very beginning, even when we weren’t following Him.

After my frustration with the party theme rejection I decided to have my own Gamma Phi-esta, which lead me from quad* to quad and eventually I lost my sombrero. I searched and searched, and did not succeed so I headed back to my quad for the night.

That’s where I found the sombrero, sitting on Kyle’s head. I proceeded to yell at him explaining that it was my sombrero and he needed to return it. He promptly returned it, probably regretting ever putting on the crazy ladies hat, explaining that he had just “found it.”

As the evening progressed we talked and laughed about the stupid sombrero and before I kicked him out for the night he asked me when he could see me again. To which I replied, “Look me up on Facebook!”

To this day I’m so glad he did.

* A quad at Doane College was a living space with four bedrooms, a main living room area and a shared bathroom.

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