Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten [Reasons My 1 Year Old is Crying]

I saw this floating around Pinterest and pinned it back before I was a mommy, thinking it was hilarious.
Actually being a mommy puts a whole new spin on why I think it's "hilarious" and not-so-much. I'm on the fast track of being able to post a "reasons why my 1 year old is crying" every month (insert heavy sigh here). Thankfully, while events like these do occur almost every day I'm able to laugh at the absurdity of it all, because it is pretty funny. Like the time....

1. I put a ball in her pocket. (She had just discovered pockets and we had been putting things in and out, in and out for a solid 20 minutes, she did not want that and refused to touch it. She screamed until I took it out. Oy.)

2. Her lunch meat came un-rolled.

3. I put a turtle neck on her.

4. She wants the food on my plate (which is the same as hers) so I try to give her some, which makes her mad. (???)

5. She doesn't fit into the toy car I'm pushing around. 

6. I began reading a book she took off the shelf and handed to me. 

7. I was helping her eat and then she got mad at me for putting the food in her mouth, so I stopped, which made her mad. (This is where my dear husband said, "She is such a girl!")

8. Marley lays on her blanket. (This is a daily battle. Marley loves blankets and Brielle leaves her beloved "aw-aw-aw's" laying around. Marley will be passed out and Brielle will start yelling, "Dowwww" (which means down).)

9. When she learned this lesson: if you crawl in/under something, you must crawl out. That's just a hard thing to learn.

10. I won't let her eat graham crackers for every meal.

Plus one: I won't let her wear my underwear as a necklace. 

I can't wait to see what other parents post for reasons why their child is crying. PLEASE SHARE! 


  1. I am lucky because my 1-year-old barely cries, but I did post something awhile ago about why my 3-year-old is freaking out! You may be writing that post in a couple years. :)


    1. I believe Jadyn and Brielle are two peas in a pod (I think it's the curse of the eldest syndrome) and your second child is an example of God's grace (I hope that happens to me as well). Also, I did read your post and my comment on it is a bit of irony, lol.