Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Uplifting Playlist]

When I think "uplifting" I don't necessarily think of upbeat. I want words to inspire me, rejuvenate my mind, and help me focus on sound doctrine according to Scripture. Therefore, these days the only playlists that I find uplifting are those that help me focus on the majesty of Christ. Otherwise I find that my mood stinks and I'm not motivated to do anything. These songs point me back to my purpose in life: to glorify HIM.

Before checking out my list, be sure to hop on over to Melany's!

1. Sovereign Over Us by Aaron Keyes 
is an incredible song reminding us of this promise: God is at work in our lives, we simply need to trust Him. 

This one line in this song is my favorite. I can be joyful in the midst of whatever life throws at me, because God is using it to sanctify me - to set me apart for His glory.
2. Word of God Speak by MercyMe 
I love how this one starts: "I'm finding myself at a loss for words and the funny thing is, it's okay. The last thing I need is to be heard, but to hear what You will say. Word of God speak, would You pour down like rain? Washing my eyes to see Your majesty. To be still and know You're in this place, please let me stay and rest in Your holiness. Word of God speak."

3. Keep Making Me by Sidewalk Prophets 
The first time I watched this video, I didn't get it. Watch it upside down at first and see if you can't figure out the picture the character originally draws. Talk about awesome...!

4. Blessings by Laura Story
I can't tell you what this song means to me, but perhaps this post from November 2013 will give you an idea...

5. In Christ Alone by Keith & Kristyn Getty and Alison Krauss
This song helps me go back to my purpose of life time and time again.
"In Christ alone my hope is found, He is my light, my strength, my song, this Cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm, what heights of love, what depths of peace, when fears are stilled, when strivings ceased, my comforter, my all in all, here in the love of Christ I stand."

6. You Are God Alone by Philips, Craig & Dean
"You are not a God created by human hands, You are not a God dependent on any mortal man, You are not a God in need of anything we can give, by Your plan, that's just the way it is." It's His world, with His rules and that's just the way it is. LOVE that.

7. Give me Jesus by Jeremy Camp
"In the morning, when I rise give me Jesus...
When I am alone give me Jesus...
When I come to die give me Jesus...
You can have all this world just give me Jesus..."

8. Indescribable by Chris Tomlin (See my story behind this song here.)

9. The Beautiful Body of Christ by Gordon Mote
"The glory of God most high, in fullness still resides in the beautiful body of Christ..."

10. Our Great God by Todd Agnew  Another fantastic song that helps me focus on GOD's great attributes. "Eternal God, unchanging, mysterious and unknown, your boundless love unfailing in grace and mercy shown, bright seraphim in ceaseless flight around your glorious throne, they raise their voices day and night in praise to you alone, hallelujah, glory be to our great God!"

What I like about this particular playlist that I'm sharing with you is that it's a God-centered, God-glorifying arrangement that focuses my mind on praising, praying, and worshiping Him for His greatness. I have MANY songs I could put on this list and the top ten could probably change daily depending on many factors. I debated on The Perfect Wisdom of Our God by Keith and Kristyn Getty, or the Revelation Song by Shane and Shane or Starry Night by Chris August or This is My Father's World by Glad, or With Every Breath by City on a Hill or All Beauty Speaks of Thee by Glad, or All of Creation by Mercy Me, or or or or or...

My recommended uplifting playlist could quite literally be endless... 
... and I'm sure Melany is in the same boat... 

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