Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Favorite Blogs]

I love the world of blogging. It offers individuals such as myself a chance to write about passions, hit publish, and then turn around and read what others share about themselves - about life, about lessons learned and so much more! The blogger world can offer a wealth of information. Still, this freedom is also taken advantage of at times and this wealth of information may or may not be accurate. Today's top ten is not to discuss that - but share a few of my favorite blogs and why they're some of my favs.

After checking out a few of my favorite blogs, don't forget to see the blogs Melany believes are worthy of following!

1. Desiring God Blog - This blog has many writers, that I assume go to the church John Piper pastors. The daily topics that show up here challenge me as a Christian. For example, one of their most recent articles titled, Lay Aside the Weight of Self-Indulgence, kicked my tail this week.

2. The Time Warp Wife - I'm in love with this woman's mantra: keeping Christ at the center of marriage. This is where I found this incredible pledge, titled Homemakers Creed, designed to help me understand that I am my husbands helpmeet and that my families needs should be above my own. This is only the beginning of her wholesome good stuff.

3. The Matt Walsh blog - I love his direct honesty and it's incredibly difficult to argue with his common sense.

4. Elizabeth Loves - I just like her. I think if we were to ever meet someday, we'd be instant friends. (Another reason why I love the blogging world!)

5. Of course my best friend from the good 'ole college days at Doane: Megan Barnett. She writes about her family and her life. Her girls don't know me, but at least I feel relatively up-to-date with all that Mego writes about them.

6. Hidden With You - Rebekah is a creative writer and she writes about things that are also important to me: Christ, marriage, and children.

7. Ligonier Ministries Blog - Like Desiring God blog (see #1) this blog has so much to offer. I have so much to learn from pastors like R.C. Sproul and the teachings they share are incredible.

8. Grace to You Blog - Another blog founded by another pastor who's teachings I follow closely. If I need resources to a Biblical text I'm struggling to understand I go to Desiring God, Ligonier, or Grace to You. I recommend the same for anyone wanting to know more about God's Word. Lately, John MacArthur has been spending a significant amount of time on Church Discipline and how to deal with sin in the church. So.interesting. the role we all play. If you're involved in a church family (which - if you're a Christian - you should be) I highly recommend reading starting here: Church Discipline Misconceived.

9. Hot, Holy, & Humorous - She writes about how she believes God wants our marriage to be hot, holy, and well... humorous and she can back it up with Scripture. Her topics are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. One of her latest post, where she writes, "I learned my past hardship and heartache shouldn't be ignored or buried or wished away, but could be part of my personal testimony - from which to help others who struggle with sexual intimacy." This particular story is a good one and I thank her for being completely honest time and time again. I can so relate to her story, and so it helps me with mine.

10. And then, of course, there's Miss Melany. She's one of my former junior high students with so much knowledge packed into 16 years of life I envy her. She has chosen a path in life that God will bless because she's chosen to glorify Him in all that she does and say. That, my friend, is evident from the moment you meet her (or read what she writes). You will love her. Trust me. I do.

With that being said, don't forget to check out her favorite blogs!

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