Monday, November 3, 2014

Spilling the Beans [October 2014 Edition]

When I published Briella Bean's post on her birthday celebration I realized it had been way tooooooo long since writing about her. It was past time to change that. I wanted a unique title so I called my two creative friends Daniel and Tori who came up with 4 fantastic ideas:
  • Beanisms
  • The Bean-a-factor
  • Spilling the Beans
  • Bean Bean the Farcical Fruit
We honestly couldn't decide between them so I put it up to a vote on my Facebook page and the winner was obviously Spilling the Beans. Which is perfect timing because Bean quite literally needs to spill the beans: She's going to be a big sister come April! 
Whenever we talk about the fact that there's a baby in mommy's tummy she lifts her shirt and says, "Baby tummy!" Like she's the baby and that's her tummy. We're preparing ourselves for quite the adjustment (haha, for all of us, not just Briella Bean). Life has revolved around her and her adorable little antics, so it might be kinda rough to share the lime light, but for now here's a few stories worth sharing...

Bean loves singing and for a long time Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was Winkle, Winkle, Wittle Star. It was a sad day she began saying it correctly. She also likes singing the song, "Daddy finger, daddy finger where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do?" and adds her own special fingers like Marley finger, Quigley finger, Poppy finger, Brielle finger, &etc. But the best one by far was when she was looking at her reflection in the oven and started singing about her clothing, "Mickey-Mouse-shirt finger, Mickey-Mouse-shirt finger, where are you?"

As Brielle and I were Facetiming with some friends, Brielle wanted to show off my bra's to my friend's husband Daniel. "Daniel is bra!" Which is better than calling it a diaper I guess... so we have made some progress...

The first doctor's appointment for any pregnancy is a pee test to confirm whether or not you're actually prego. I took Bean with me to kill two birds with one stone: she needed her final Hep A shot. She's a shy little booger so instead of giving her to the nurse (like offered) I took her in the bathroom with me (this may sound gross and unacceptable to all you non-mommy's out there, but she always joins me there anyway, mom's have zero privacy). Anyhooooooo, she was thoroughly disgusted that I was peeing in a cup and told me that it was icky multiple times; but the comment that took the cake was this one, "Mommy, is icky juice." I giggled through the entire doctor's visit, that is, right up until she got her shot. After her shot the nurse tried to give her stickers, to which she refused. So the nurse gave them to me. Brielle took them from my hand and gave them back to the nurse telling her, "NO stickers." Apparently she holds a bit of a grudge. It was an entertaining doctor's visit to say the least.

She calls popsicles potsicles and caterpillars packapillars.

She makes up songs at the dinner table, in fact, singing is a minute by minute activity in this household. So are dance parties (and it's to the same song over and over again - you probably know by now that it's Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel).

After her birthday she'll randomly yell "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to herself or begin singing the "Happy Birthday" song.

One of her favorite games is ring around the rosy and when she falls down, she has to fall all the way down.

Whenever she gets all dressed up she always has to "show daddy."

She counts to 8 all by herself but she recently started skipping six (which she calls sick) and 7 is "seben."

When she swings (aka fwing) she shrieks "TUMMY!" when it tickles.

Yogurt is "ogre."

Aunt Melissa is "wissa", her little friend Faith is "Faif", and our friend Bryn who has a baby son named Alton is "Momma Alton".

We attended a wedding where Bean stole the bride's limelight and danced the night away. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that she danced to (Perhaps it was because Darius Rucker's Wagon Wheel was the 3rd or 4th song played that night, getting her started early.) By 10 (2 hours past bedtime) I put her in PJ's - getting ready to leave - and she went back on the dance floor to dance some more. I dragged her off the floor kicking and screaming, "NO BYE-BYE! Dance Mommy! Dance! Pwease!" (Pwease = Please)

For Halloween she chose a monkey costume. She LOVED it and it has now been retired to her dress up suitcase. She has worn the ears every day since.
Our little monkey hanging out with Mayhem and Flo at a Halloween party.
She'd run around chasing her tail, desperately trying to show everyone that she had a monkey tail on!

She LOVED trick-or-treating. She went door to door saying "Trick or feet!" We thought it was too cute to correct.

Thanks to her favorite rhyme "Monkey's jumping on the bed" every time she bonks her head she wants me to call the doctor.

She's also terrified of bandaids.

One of her favorite playmates is Quigley. When she says, "QuiQui pway wif me?" that usually means I'm out of the picture. When she plays with Quigley, she does not want me in her room. She tells me good-bye, kicks me out, and shuts the door. I've spied on them a couple times and Quigley allows her to put necklaces on him, read stories, and just watches over her while she digs through her toys. It's pretty cute.

We visited the pumpkin patch and she thoroughly enjoyed jumping on the hay bales with daddy. I'd say this was the highlight of the day...

I LOVE this picture!

She did NOT want to leave...

I have to say that she's one of the cutest little 2 year olds I know. She brings more joy and laughter into our lives than I ever thought possible. She also challenges our patience on a daily basis, but we wouldn't trade her for the world. God has blessed us with a pretty amazing, simple and sweet life.


  1. You'll enjoy looking back on these things and comparing them to your next little one. :)

    1. I enjoy your posts so I have no doubts you're right.