Friday, October 3, 2014

Too Much Birthday!

I woke up the Sunday after Briella Bean's birthday declaring, "I have a 2 year old!" and her reply was quite simply, "I know." And it became suddenly obvious that either my 2 year old had too much birthday the day before OR we were getting a taste of terrible 2's (or both?)...

Her birthday was filled with excitement galore:

Waking up to balloons.

Just like last year.

Enjoying a breakfast consisting of a Mickey Mouse pancake, blueberries and whip cream.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt "Symie" (aka Sydnie) came for a visit.

Her gifts kept her occupied ALL day.

This is pretty much all I got of her crazy baby doll stroller pushing. She has no regard for walls, furniture or toes. 
We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream and spoiled her with cupcakes and sprinkles.
This is her excited face.
Happy face.

Spoons are waaaaay overrated. 

Daddy had to help blow out the candles.
She only cared about the sprinkles!
It was a full day that resulted in no nap. (Mommy blunder, I should've known we'd pay for it the next day....) She was a grump! Thankfully, she slept the afternoon away.

The next weekend we got together with a few friends and celebrated these two little beauties. They are only 6 days apart. In fact, we switched due dates! Brielle was due on Addi's birthday and Addi due on Brielle's birthday. We celebrated their first birthday together and I believe it's become a tradition worth keeping.

Poor Addi. I'm not even sure she wanted to be in the little jeep. Every time she got up to get out Brielle demanded, "Addi. Sit." She happily (or begrudgingly?) obeyed every time. 

It's amazing how much they've changed over the year (see last year's birthday party).

After two special days of celebrating her birthday she'll randomly yell, "Happy Birthday!" or begin singing the song to herself. This little girl cracks me up on a daily basis. She also blows me away with how smart she is and I enjoy watching her imagination take flight while reading a book or playing with her toys. She loves to sing, dance to Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, put her babies "night night", color, go to the library, "pway wif quiqui" (play with Quigley), read, read, read, and eat Popsicles, which she refers to as potsicles (seriously. she's obsessed.). That list could be endless. I realized the last time I wrote about her was when she was 17 months old! How ridiculous. I need to get back on track! Here's to many more posts about this precious girl I am blessed to call my daughter... 
Oh, how I love this little girl! I thank God daily for all the joy she's brought to our little home.


  1. You'll love looking back on these moments in the future so definitely post more about her! Love the piggies :)

    1. I'll randomly see old posts of your girls on your blog and I enjoy looking back at them. So if it's true for your girls, I'm positive it will be true for mine as well. Thanks for the reminder. And yes, I too love the piggies! She's so stinkin' cute, but especially adorable while styling them!