Monday, March 2, 2015

Spilling the Beans [February 2015 Edition]

She tells me that she has a baby in her belly all the time. I try to explain that there's only a baby in mommy's belly and her reply to me is that I need to share, "There's a sister in my belly too, mommy." or "It's my turn for sister!" and then she gives me the look. (Sigh.)

I'm memorizing the book of Ephesians with our pastor's wife and when I practice Brielle interrupts, "Mommy!" (Waits for me to respond.) "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" (Waits.) "Mommy! Mommy!" And when I finally do respond the only thing she says is, "God."

I was asked to sing at the nursing home occasionally and I obliged only because Melany agreed to help me and I knew that my singing and dancing fool would love the attention if she got enough gumption to sing to them. It took a while but she eventually entertained them with "B-I-B-L-E", "My God is So Big", "Jesus Loves Me" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider". On our way there Melany gave her a little octopus named Inky and Brielle made Inky sing to them and even clap along. It was so stinkin' adorable. Needless to say we were invited back and I seriously doubt it had anything to do with Melany's charm, my clarinet playing, or our singing abilities and everything to do with my adorable two year old.

She loves the Minnie Mouse puzzle app on the iPad, but gets extremely frustrated at times. This, of course, results in waterworks galore (which is exactly like me). Whenever I'm frustrated at my inability to do something all I want to do is cry and then I'm frustrated at the fact that I'm crying. It's a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, it looks like my daughter inherited that trait. So I do the only thing that works for me: pray. It's amazing how God calms my heart in these moments of frustration and I see Him working in my own daughters heart as we hold hands and pray that He teaches us how to control our frustration and rely on Him in all things, even the frustration over a silly puzzle.

Whenever she plays at her kitchen she tells me she's a "maker, maker, maker" over and over again. It took me forever to figure out what she was telling me. She also tells me, "Mommy, I maker maker maker you!" (Which means "I'm going to make you something.")

During dinner one day Bean kept talking about a "drump". We had absolutely no idea what it meant so she grabbed daddy's hand and dragged him to her room, "Daddy, show you!" It was hilarious to hear the conversation between the two as he tried to figure it out. After a bit she pulled out a book we had made together on Psalm 150, pointed to the trumpet we drew and voila! "Drump" = trumpet.

One day she announced that there was a packapillar (caterpillar) in the snow. Ever since that day, we hear there's a packapillar in the snow often, and she asks, "Do you see it mommy?"

She freaked me out one morning when she ran towards me yelling, "Mommy! Who's that?" and points to the window that oversees the porch and the back yard. I didn't see a single soul but she claims whoever it was had a hat on. Creeeeeeepy.

She discovered some bra pads used while breastfeeding and asked me what it was so I told her that they go in your bra. She held it up to her chest and said, "It's Brielle's braf!"

She recently started praying, "Looooooooord. Thank you for this day. Gibberish, gibberish, gibberish. Aaaaaaaaaaamen!"

At lunch one day I told Bean she needed to finish her carrot before she got a Hershey's kiss. She told me it was, "Allllll gone!" so I asked her to show me (by opening her hands and mouth). She instead stuck her finger in her mouth (gagged) and exclaimed, "Let me get it." She also told me that about her lunch one day, "Brielle ate all her lunch. See?" (she opened her mouth and pointed to it) "I get it to show you." (she proceeded to reach down her mouth). I cracked up.

We're trying to teach her how to respond politely to compliments because her reply to something like, "Brielle, I love your shirt!" is a very curt "No! MY shirt!"

She absolutely loves reading the Disney's Aladdin book, which she refers to as "the lettuce book". When we got to the page where the guards are about to arrest Aladdin she pointed to the guards and told us, "See the lettuce?" (We have no idea, by the way, where this came from.)

When we release the water after her bath the drain makes strange noises, which she calls the monster in the bathtub. She's now obsessed with the monster in the bathtub. She has an obsession with monsters in general... one day she told me she was a monster, roared, and exclaimed, "I eat you!" as she started to nibble on my knee. She then tried to comfort me with a pat on the shoulder, "It's okay mommy. It's just pretend. God is bigger." (Whenever she freaks herself out too much we sing the song, "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do!" and I explain that God is bigger and stronger and mightier than monsters and that God put daddy on this earth to protect her so it was pretty cute she was comforting me in the same way.)

One day she sang a song about a packapillar (caterpillar) that went "blap, kerplop, plop, kerplop." It was hilariously, adorably grotesque.

Some pictures from this month:
We had snow days and 60+ degree days this month. She thoroughly enjoyed time outdoors no matter the weather...

Watching a princess movie with her cousin Abi.


  1. Sounds like her and Brynlee have similar prayers!

    1. And little people's prayers are always the sweetest!