Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten [Reasons to Host an Arbonne Party]

There are many reasons to host or go to an Arbonne party. I thoroughly enjoy this company for many reasons and would gladly host a party over and over and over again for the following reasons...

1. You actually get to experience their products first hand. (See #2 and #4.) There's many reasons to love this fact (See #6)!

2. You're spoiled with a free facial. Using some of their best products, you and your guests get to experience a cleansing and refreshing facial.

3. A facial produces perfect picture opps such as this:

4. You're spoiled from top to bottom with a free foot soak. Your feet will thank you, many times over. Ahhhhh... I would like one right now...

5. It's relaxing. Provide yummy food for your guests (like these coconut, oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies that were a hit at mine), coffee, foot soaks, facials, laughs, good talks, and you have a relaxing party in the making.

6. You get a free product. What's best about their products is that they use natural ingredients that are chemical-free, safe, nontoxic, and eco-friendly. These naturally inspired products are scientifically proven; effective products for your health, wellness, and beauty.
"At Arbonne, we take nature's gifts as inspiration, and blend it with high science and true innovation. Each and every product is carefully formulated and crafted with potent botanicals to enhance your beauty, health and wellness. And improve your life, inside and out." - Dr. Peter Matravers [Chief Scientific Officer] (source)
That quote alone should inspire you to use their products and enjoy the free product you receive the night you host your party. I have yet to find a product I don't like. Here's a few of my favorites and why:

  • Seasource Detox Spa. They jokingly call this their "Windex" product, inspired by the movie My Greek Wedding, where Windex fixes everything.
    "Put some Detox on it," is our favorite statement in our home. We can attest to it's effectiveness with sore muscles, itchy mosquito bites, growing pains on a two year old, hornet stingS, dry skin, and more. In fact, this morning I woke up with a crick in my neck (you know when you wake up unable to move your head to one side, probably because I slept on it wrong?) well I rubbed detox on my achy muscles and I'm already able to move my head side to side (and it's been less than an hour). *This 12 oz container lasts forever. I've had it for nearly a year and it's still full (and we use it daily)!
  • Nourishing Daily Shampoo and Conditioner. I have really, really thin hair. This is the first product to give it life and thickness. 
  • Diaper Rash Cream. We also use this for any rash, not just diaper rashes. In fact, my sister has super sensitive armpits. She used this product when they burned and it helped immediately.
  • Baby Care Sunscreen. It's all natural so I know I can trust what's going on my baby's skin. Plus it smells wonderful and I actually enjoy the way my skin feels after putting it on. Most of the time my hands feel grimy, slimy, and dry after applying sunscreen and I cannot wait to shower. Not the case with this product.

7. As a host you receive an awesome discount on the products you purchase. Seriously, it's worth it just for that one simple fact!

8. The Arbonne rep prefers small numbers because they serve each individual's foot soak and facial needs. Therefore, invite your besties. Then encourage them to wear their comfy clothes.

9. It's unlike any business party I've ever attended. I've never felt pressured to purchase a product, but after hearing about a small fraction of their products and their benefits... I WANT THEM ALL!

10. Your skin feels incredible afterwards. My feet are actually soft, warm, and sweet smelling. If your face is breaking out (like I was before mine) your pimples and black heads will be gone or seriously diminished the.very.next.day. Their products work and you'll feel the immediate benefits from using them.

If you're interested in hosting a party, my sister, Amanda, is one of the best hostess' I know. She serves you well and she knows her stuff. I'm biased, I know, but I'm not kidding.

Check out Arbonne's...

... for more information on this amazing company. Then contact Amanda (or your nearest consultant) for your own party!

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