Thursday, August 6, 2015

Spilling the Beans [June & July 2015 Edition]

I am so far behind on everything! Hence, two months at once...


After scolding Quigley for eating poop Brielle very seriously told me, "Mommy, I don't eat poop."

Corn bread is "supper cake"

She wanted another cookie I was preparing for a baby shower and when I told her what they were for she replied, "Ooooooooh! Can I have a cookie in the shower? That sounds like fun!"

Sitting between Aunt "Symie" and her boyfriend Jake, watching a movie, she turns to Symie and asks, "Do you wear panties?" (Based on his response, I'm pretty sure he felt uncomfortable.)

Bean and I were sitting on the grass as a spider crawled across her legs. She freaked out. I told her I didn't blame her for that one and figured since the song, "shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly don't bother me, shoo fly don't bother me, don't come 'round here no more!" worked in calming her down for flies I'd sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" (which she loves). As she continued crying she told me, "Stop! I don't like that song anymore!" and the rest of the day she told me it was no longer her favorite.

Brielle came to the living room wearing her Elsa dress and Cinderella glass slippers asking if I'd call her "Elsa Brielle". I told Miss Elsa Brielle how much I loved her and asked, "May I have a kiss from Elsa Brielle?" After obliging she told me, "That was true loves kiss."


Bean LOVES acting out parts of movies and some of her favorite lines are from Frozen. "Don't touch me! I don't want to hurt you!" or from Tangled, "I'll never stop fighting you," to Mother Gothel, "NO! Not ever!" She is still pretending to cry like Cinderella after she gets her dress torn by her stepsisters or the scene where she loses her slipper on the stairs.

She took swimming lessons the last week of July and she was terrified at the line that separated the deep end from the shallow, she called it a line monster. It took a few days of convincing for her to realize it wasn't terrifying after all. She was fearless before swimming lessons, but now her confidence is through the roof. She jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped into the water.

She'll grab a ton of toys from her play room and tell me, "I have lots of stuffs."

Kyle came home after being gone all weekend and I gave him a giant hug, to which Brielle commented, "Aw! Mommy's prince!"

Allergies have given her a super stuffy nose and these days she's walking around wiping her nose on blankets, curtains, mommy's hat/clothes/hand and anything else within nose reach. Gross.

Fireworks are "firetrucks".

She sings outside in her princess dresses at the top of her lungs. The neighbors think it's pretty cute entertainment (thank goodness).

We had an awesome conversation about our hearts that went something like this:
Mommy: "I'm sorry Brielle for my selfish heart."
Bean: "Our hearts are dirty."
Mommy: "Yes they are."
Bean: "Only Jesus wipes them clean."