Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Shout Out to My CrAaaAaaAAAAzy Quigley

Instead of becoming less crazy, Quigley has instead added weird quirks. However, as he adds to his craziness, he has also become one heck of a dog, that deserves a BIG SHOUT OUT. Let me tell you why:

Quigley knows that if it's Brielle's he'd better leave it alone. She loves to give him her food, right from the table. BIG no-no, for Brielle and Quigley. He's not allowed to take it unless we tell him he can and Brielle is not allowed to feed the dogs from the table. The rule for the dogs is that they're supposed to "GO LAY DOWN" as we're eating. When given permission they come over and clean up the disaster under her high chair. Here's what we're currently working on: Brielle LOVES to play with the dog dishes, but Quigley knows that if Brielle touches it, he cannot have it. So when Quigley is eating Brielle has this obsession with playing with his food. When she touches it, Quigley follows the rule "GO LAY DOWN!" (Impressive, right?!) I'll tell Brielle "No!" and he'll come back over to eat, but it takes A LOT of convincing on my part before Quigley understands it's okay. Oh my goodness, he's such a good dog! I feel so bad for him when this happens, so Brielle is usually in bed or in her high chair (unable to crawl to his bowl) when I feed them.

Brielle + Quigley = BFF's. Where ever there's a Quigley, there's a Monster Bean. If Quigley is looking out the window, Brielle is looking out the window. If Brielle is playing with a toy, Quigley is right there, staring longingly at it, wanting to play with it too. If Brielle and I are walking in the yard, Quigley is RIGHT THERE walking beside us. They're two peas in a pod.

He buries his stuff. Which is kinda annoying when you go in the back yard and see the gazillion holes he's dug, but it's hilarious when Kyle finds a rawhide under his pillow (seriously).

I know he'll protect me. We were at my sisters condo in Winter Park hanging out, when her hubby and Kyle walk through the door. Jokingly I told Marley and Quigley to "Get 'em!" (Mistake.) Quigley's hair was raised and he went after them, once he realized it was Kyle, he was all good, but I won't say that unless I'm really needing him to "Get 'em!" If you're reading this, I have a gun and I have a Quigley. If you break into my house with the intention of hurting anyone in my family (including Quigley) you. will. be. meeting. your Maker.

It takes a day to learn something new. It took a day to learn the term "LEAVE IT!" (We practiced with treats and toys.) It took a day to learn the command "COME!" It took one evening, yes... one, for him to learn that he needed to "GO LAY DOWN!" during meal time. He is smart and he wants to please.

Brielle LOVES to ride on him. He loves it too. He'll just run around while I'll hold Brielle on his back and he'll turn around and lick her to death. She just giggles non-stop. CUTE.

Quigley LOVES visitors. I cannot get him to stop licking anyone I invite inside. Ugh. He reminds me of that dog from Up, "I just met you and I love you."

When I blog, he's under the desk hanging out with me. (Or trying to sit in my lap. He's an 80 pound-ish hefty monster so this is impossible, but he continues to try.)

Marley beats him up. Not kidding. We're constantly yelling at Marley for bullying him. Poor Quigles.

Here's why I'm telling you this. You see, we know Quigley is a lab/bully breed of some sort. We know that wherever we go there will be a prejudice against this crazy, but well-behaved, loveable, desperately-wanting-to-please, lick, lick, lick-crazed, baby protecting, smart dog. People see him and they're instantly terrified, and I get that... he's big and muscular (same goes with humans, it's so hard to not have this momentary feeling of desperation when you see a guy dressed in all black, hood up, pants sagging...), but give him a chance. I have a feeling that he is going to be one of those dogs that leave the biggest impact on my life, my husbands life and mostly my daughters life. We love this crazy dog to death (Marley will never admit this, but he loves him too).