Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday's Top Ten [What I Love about being a Mom!]

I know this list will change as Brielle grows up and more kids come into the picture, but I saw this idea on Pinterest (of course, where else do you get ideas?!) and figured that by writing them down, I won't forget. When those tough days come, I don't want to forget how much I love her. When she hits that "I don't need mommy anymore" age, I don't want to forget how I feel about being a mommy at this moment. When she starts becoming more independent and having that desire to move out and be on her own, I don't want to forget what I love about being a mommy. So even though I've only been a mommy for almost a year now, I think this is something I should keep adding on to as the years of being a mommy continue, grow, develop and change.

What I love about being a mommy...

1. Watching her face light up as she discovers something new and exciting.

2. Getting her to giggle (especially to the point where her chubby little belly jiggles).

3. Her huge smile every single time I praise her by clapping and singing, "Yay, Brielle!"

4. Playing. Being a mom means you have an excuse to get out your old toys and be a kid again. I can't wait for Lego's and doll houses and crafting. Right now I'm loving building towers and giggling along with her after she destroys them, or throw toys in and out of a basket (who knew that'd be fun?!) or pushing her up and down the driveway as she sits on a toy train.

5. When she's tired, or sick, or cranky mommy is the only person she wants. Mommy's will forever have this ability to make things all better - even when you're 30.

6. Kisses and Aw, Aw, Aw's. When daddy comes home he gives me a kiss. Brielle then wants to give us kisses too, it melts my heart. When she loves something she hugs it and says, "aw, aw, aw" as she gently pats it. I get those too and my heart is reduced to a puddle on the floor.

7. Reading to her. She just sits on my lap, pointing at things she likes, giggling, talking, bouncing as I read each page. I love those moments.

8. Bath time. It's always after supper (when she's an absolute mess) and she can hardly contain her excitement after I grab her towel, walk to the bath, get the bath water running... she loves playing in the water and I love that she loves it.

9. "Daddy's HOME!" Those words alone send her in a tizzy. When daddy walks through the door her excitement is contagious. I'm happy, the dogs are excited - the home atmosphere is that much better and life is complete for my little Briella Bean. Everyone's where they need to be. It is more than evident how much she loves her daddy.
10. I'm learning to love the little things, over and over again. She points at everything, wanting to know what it is, to touch it, or put it in her mouth. For example it doesn't matter how many times she sees the Minnie Mouse wreath her great grandma made her, when she wakes up it's the first thing she points at and laughs as she touches Minnie's nose. I love that wreath because she loves it.  I love the flowers, and leaves, and trees, because she points and giggles and the wonder in her eyes makes me appreciate them all over again.

Being a mommy is joyful, and scary, and beautiful, and difficult all at once. There's not a better job out there. I never knew that I'd love being a mommy. God knows best because when I doubted whether or not I wanted to be a mommy, he gave me an incredible blessing that shows me daily the true meaning of unconditional love.

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  1. You will have so many more reasons to love being a mommy as she gets older. Every stage is exciting and teaches you new things about yourself and children.
    Both of my girls react the same way when Daddy's home! Screaming, crawling, running, whining, banging on things. I love that their daddy's are so loved!