Monday, September 9, 2013

Brielle's Newest and Cutest!

Brielle has blown me away these last few weeks with everything she's doing, like...

... "ca-ca-ca-ca" is cracker. (This includes graham crackers, Cheetos, and Kix.)

... she's desperately trying to use a fork. (This was not something I taught her. She saw me using it and wanted it, so after giving it to her she began to mimic me. I WAS AMAZED. It's monkey see, monkey do. -- I just had a scary thought. -- Am I going to see my bad habits reflected through my daughter soon? Gotta be careful. Reminds me of this YouTube video I watched a while back... do you know how long it took me to find it? :) Watching it as a mother vs a teacher is a totally new, motivating, kick-me-in-the-butt experience.)

... she's obsessed with "pretties" in her hair. We went shopping for her birthday presents, which I thought was so fun. We took her with us and showed her the stuff before buying it - just to see her reaction. She LOVES this HUGE stuffed dog at the library and her reaction was the same when we found a stuffed "Lady" dog, but her reaction to a package of "pretties" was adorable. She pats her head and tries so hard to put them in her hair. She tried to put the entire package in her hair! Kyle and I were cracking up in the middle of Target. She knew she was being entertaining so she kept doing it, of course. The best part about "pretties" is that after I put one in her hair, she points to the mirror and she's patting the pretty on her head while I tell her how pretty she looks.
These cute little flowers were in the clearance basket at Dollar General. When she saw them she instantly started patting her head. How could I resist?!

... when she wants something it's "be-be-be-be" (unless it's a cracker, then it's "ca-ca-ca").

... at youth group some kids were kicking around a ball and she wanted to do it too! Ever since then when she see's a ball, she wants us to walk her around, while she kicks it (you can call me soccer mom already). Pretty amazing. She also LOVES, loves, loves to play catch. For an 11 month old, she has a pretty good arm (but are you seeing how bias I am already?!). I need to get both these things on video.

... when she's mad at mommy (because -oh-my-goodness- I wiped her snotty nose) she's instantly yelling for "da-da-da-da!" and begging to go to daddy. (So it begins.)

... I had to remove the cute canopy that hung above her bed (actually she removed it herself). She LOVED to play with it and yanked it down on top of herself the other night, scaring her half to death, which also scared daddy and I half to death. Her scared scream scares the bee-jee-bee's out of me. Welp, so much for that.

... She LOVES coconut milk. In the process of transitioning to sippy cups (she will NOT drink out of a bottle) she would only drink water. I'm not complaining, but her milk intake dramatically decreased. I tried putting breastmilk in the sippy cup, formula, juice, etc. but she'd only spit it out (unless it was water). Weird, I know. So we've been trying other things and thankfully we have a hit! We went to a restaurant in Cheyenne that specializes in juices and smoothies and she loved Kyle's coconut, pineapple, yogurt concoction (wanted nothing to do with my strawberry smoothie). Light bulb moment for me - why don't we try coconut milk?! :)

These things may not be anything big, but they are things I don't want to forget. Once I write them down I'm always thinking of Grandma's and Grandpa's, Aunts and Uncles who are also interested in her newest and cutest. This way you can oooooo and awwwwww right along with me.  


  1. Too cute! And the canopy seems like a great idea but I've always wondered if little's would pull them down. Looks like that question was answered lol

    1. I've always loved the canopy thing, but yeah, it lasted a whole 11 months. :)