Friday, September 6, 2013

Prayer Request [Action Packs for Persecuted Sudanese!]

I am so so excited about this post! I receive a free magazine every month from The Voice of The Martyrs which tells horrific story after horrific story of Christians persecuted for their faith. What I loved about this issue is that the entire magazine was dedicated to telling the story of the Sudan civil war. "They face the world's worst poverty, war and even genocide, in which Arab-Sudanese are trying to eradicate the black African Sudanese people in conflict areas like the Nuba Mountains. In addition the Sudanese government is trying to eliminate all Christians and churches in an effort to Islamize the nation." (An excerpt from "Strengthening Those Who Stayed" by Jim, of the Persecution Project Foundation) The only way I can think how to help my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith is by praying for them, however, this month an excerpt was included titled, "Taking Action for Sudan" and inside details HOW you can specifically help them!

Because of the persecution Christian Sudanese are experiencing, they are fleeing to South Sudan for safety with only the clothes on their back. VOM has organized assistance through Action Packs which are vacuum bags filled with blankets, jackets, sweaters, gloves, hats, socks, t-shirts, sheets, towels, soap and toys. They need help! You can fill one for someone in need. All you do is go to... to request your Action Pack and follow the directions given. It costs $7 to send a filled pack OR you can donate $30 and they will fill it for you.

When I filled out the request for my action pack I thought I was making a $7 donation, however, once the donation is made, that's your request for the pack.

Let me give you an idea, a glimpse, of what these people endure through one story of a pastor named Matak. He was arrested multiple times and although sentenced to life in prison, he was there 8 years. During those 8 years he endured severe torture. He was beaten with wooden slats and metal rods, electrodes were attached to his ears, his genitals were crushed, fingernails removed, and he was whipped with wires. They tried to force him to turn away from Christ because they knew he was influential. What amazed me was Matak's response to his torture, "God reminded me that the body can die, but the soul cannot. Once I said to my torturers, 'You can torture me, but if you kill me, I will just see Jesus Christ!" W.O.W! When he was transferred to another prison where he was sentenced to hang to death, he held church meetings where 170 attended! The churches planted inside the prison still grow today!

Here's a video from 2007 (make sure you have a kleenex).
I'm sure that these two stories are some of thousands and thousands! Can you imagine the fear that they live in day in and day out? Gathering food is a fearful task! They are quite literally "taking up their cross" to follow Jesus, because they know that by being a Christian might mean death.

I have no idea the strength it requires to endure something like that. These people inspire me! I don't know how to help them beyond praying for them and doing little things like sending them an Action Pack or writing about it here, requesting prayer from my readers. So, I'm asking for your help in two specific ways, 1. Donate an Action Pack and 2. Pray for the Sudanese people.

I highly encourage you to order a free subscription to this magazine, or if you feel lead to help the persecuted church in any other way, contact:
orders and contributions: 800-747-0085
ministry information: 877-377-0302

If you go to the website you can also sign up for specific prayer requests by scrolling all the way down to the end of the home page, you'll see the "Sign up for VOM's prayer alert" button.


  1. Our community (and school and my classroom) is full of Sudanese who have personal experience with the civil war. Some of our kids are fatherless or motherless, but made it to America. Many of them just want an education for their children so they can go back to their people and educate them. A lot of them come here, then send money back to Sudan to get more family members over. One of our family's fathers went back to get his mother, but did not have enough money to return so he has been stranded back in Sudan for 5 years. It's interesting for me to see their history when it's not a long-ago history at all.

    1. I ALMOST messaged you to ask if you had any students with personal stories. I wish I would've. Thanks for the post, it helps me understand the need for prayer for these people and also that this cause is a much needed one.