Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After Christmas Let-Down

December days are filled with crazy anticipation and preparation for one day. We can all admit the high's experienced on Christmas Day with family and presents are followed by a real low, low. Time to clean up, go back to work, take down Christmas decorations and find places to cram our new stuff can be depressing.

On our way to the store for diapers, I was talking to my dad about that feeling, wishing my husband didn't have to go back to work so soon and that we could have another day like yesterday. Despite that feeling, this particular Christmas has been a constant reminder of the wonders of His Love. Upon thinking about the true reason for the season: celebrating Jesus Christ, I was again filled with awe and joy and peace, so the "let down" wasn't really a let down, let down (but I didn't say that out loud). Following my comment about how the day after Christmas can be such a let down my dad asked a profound question that had me pondering the reason for the season, "You mean presents don't bring true happiness?!" The question was smothered in sarcasm and made me laugh, but was also meant to take seriously and also inspired me to write about this feeling. 

Why does the "reason for the season" end on Christmas day?

Why don't we celebrate Jesus in everything, every day? 

Why does the joy of giving not continue? 

Why does the peace we experience on this day end? 

A few years ago those questions were questions I asked on many occasions, but today, upon thinking of them, I realized that my happiness doesn't revolve around gift giving or receiving, or the anticipation of what this day holds. My happiness revolves around this gift I didn't deserve and keeps on giving: salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Despite Christ knowing I'd sin against Him time and time again, He died the death that I deserved (Romans 5:8). Because of His sacrifice I will be in heaven with Him someday soon. That gift He gave of Himself gives true joy and peace.
My dad explained it perfectly, "I think so many of the let downs exist because we think we're going to get these fantastic "things" that will change our life, and that just doesn't exist. God has built us for relationship." And that relationship is with Him. And the relationships we have here on earth are to be a reflection of what He wants with us. I'm not saying a relationship with Him (or even your friends and family) will leave you without downs or that life will be perfect, but I am saying that He promises to be there with us through it all. 

So on days like today where some of us may feel an exhaustion, or sadness, or a little let down, know that there is such a thing as true peace, true joy, and true celebration. Do not lose the reason for the season after Christmas is over! Continue to celebrate Jesus. Continue to give and see the joy it produces in the lives around you. Every day wake up giving thanks for Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross, because those "things" you received yesterday will only bring temporary happiness and joy. Christ gave His own life to give you everlasting joy, eternal life, steadfast love, and peace in all seasons of life. Ahhhh... the day that I meet Him face to face... that fills my days with crazy anticipation and preparation. When that day comes... NO MORE LET DOWNS! Ever.ever.ever.ever!

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