Saturday, March 29, 2014

18 Month Old Bean

New Words:
She adds new words everyday. As I'm sitting here trying to remember them all I realize that I need to write them down as she says them, but that'd to be a tad ridiculous because I doubt I could keep up. Last night at the dinner table she randomly pointed to our neighbor's and said, "house!" She's doing things like that allllllll the time. Now she's also starting to put words together and talk, talk, talk. Pretty soon I'll only be writing about the funny things she says versus the new words she adds to her ever expanding vocabulary. Still, I had to share these because her words for certain things
  • Mow (Kitty)
  • Doo (Rooster - cock-a-doodle-doo!)
  • Booze (Horse)
  • Gock (Sock)
  • She knows the number 2, therefore, every number is two. 
  • Bible (Sounds like: bib-w-e)
  • Book
  • Stuck (She learned this word when her balance bike toppled over on top of her and her foot was stuck. When she's stuck, you'll know. She screams, "GUCK!" when an unfortunate event occurs where she does, in fact, get stuck. In our world, this is often. She's a klutz, just like her momma.)
  • Icky (This word seems to take an enormous amount of effort. She'll say it 3 or 4 times, while shaking her head, and then gasp for air! It's so dang cute.)
  • Unt (Elephant)
  • Mimmie (This refers to Minnie or Mickey)
  • She calls the saddle she puts on her play horse a "diaper".
  • When she sees her reflection in my sunglasses she points to them and says, "Brielle! Eyes!" (the L's in her name sound like w's).
  • Whenever I sing to her she gives me her newest, ultra frowny face (that I have yet to capture on camera) and the last time she actually told me to "stop".
  • She calls my underwear my diaper (and no, they're not granny panties).
  • When she wants to be picked up she gives you the saddest puppy face ever and asks, "Hi-ya?"
  • This month we traveled to the Bahamas to visit my sister (don't worry I'll be publishing the post about our trip soon) and found out that we have a beach bum on our hands. She loved everything about it - the warmth, the sand, the water, the stuff she found on the shore, everything. There was no relaxin' on the beach with Bean; she was busy, busy, busy.
Video's From This Month:
Bean being silly!
Showing Quigley the shells we gathered from Treasure Cay beach in the Bahamas. This sensory bucket was a success!
Playing peek-a-boo with herself in the mirror. Of course, I only caught the tail end of it.
Story time in the tub.

Favorite Pictures From This Month:
Dinosaurs on your hands is dangerous, always wear a helmet.

Playing with her BFF.
Our little beach bum!
My little dancing diva.

She was always getting into my wallet, scattering things everywhere so I bought one at Shopko for $2 and filled it with old cards, put a picture of a puppy in the I.D. slot and it's her favorite toy right now. Best $2 I've ever spent.

This girl is a lot like her mommy in that she LOVES peanut butter and when she eats it... it's everywhere
Reading also requires a helmet. I guess you never know what kind of adventures you'll take...
I love writing about my Briella Bean! I feel so incredibly blessed with this life God has blessed me with; He's filled it with some pretty amazing people. What a joy it is to be the momma of a spunky, smart, beautiful, creative 18 month old and that I get to share her with you. 

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