Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shout Out to ThredUp

I'm a thrift store junkie. I typically make a beeline for the books and skip everything else (if you've had the privilege of seeing my library you could attest to this). Sometimes I'll sift through the clothing or the home decor to find a gem here and there. In junior high and high school we'd run down to the thrift stores in Denver for our school shopping. I'd load up my closet every year with items that still had the tags on them, never worn, for less than half of the original price! I haven't done that since, until now.

My sister introduced me to ThredUp, an online consignment store that sells top-of-the-line women's and children's clothes, shoes, accessories, and handbags. They've already done the sifting and handpicked items that are actually worthy reusing. Their motto that appears on each of their tags: Life is Full of Second Chances!
Let me show you a few of the items that earned a second chance in my closet...
Old Navy $3.49
Crown of Hearts $2.80 and it still had the original tags on it! (A FAVORITE.)
Pure Sugar Top $4.99
Forever 21 $4.49
Old Navy $5.49
Old Navy Loafers $6.99 (LOVE)
Forever 21 Dress $4.99
Plus I couldn't resist getting a few items for my Briella Bean! How cute are these?! (Each for $3.49)

If you're interested in receiving deals like this follow these directions:

  1. Click on this link to earn $10 for being a new customer! (
  2. Browse their extensive selection and add them to your cart.
  3. Be sure to enter the promo code SPRING30 to receive an additional 30% off your order (I don't know when this expires, so hurry, it's for first time users only.)
  4. It takes at least 3-8 days to process and receive it, this is where your patience is tested. So far I've been pleasantly pleased with the results.
When I did have to return the items that didn't fit (sad face) the process was easy, so don't fret there.

ALSO, many of these items were at no cost to me because I advertised their link on my Facebook and each time someone clicked on the link and purchased something, I received $10 in spending money! How awesome is that? I highly suggest you do the same and reap the benefits.

Another awesome piece of info you need to know about this business is that they also send you a bag that you can fill of your own items (at no cost to you)! Clean out your closet and put new (to you) items in it. Unfortunately, I have not heard nor read positive things about the amount they promise (and fail) to pay you. I have yet to find out for myself and I've been debating on whether or not I should try to get money for these items, or just consider them donated. I'll let you know the results if I send them.

Check them out and give a few items that second chance.

P.S. They are a Better Business Bureau's accredited business with an A rating. (Yeah, I'm one of those people who check things out before purchasing online.)


  1. I received a bag to fill up about a year ago and when I looked up the requirements, they only take certain brands (many of mine weren't accepted) and they have to be in pretty much perfect condition. :( I think you're better off garage sale-ing old clothes than sending them in.

    1. Yeah, that's what I've been hearing... Bummer...