Monday, December 1, 2014

Spilling the Beans [November 2014 Edition]

We woke up one morning to Briella Bean being on a roll. It started with her noticing that the car was covered with snow. Her comment the rest of the day (and all week for that matter) was, "Mommy! Is snow car! Too funny!" and then she'd hysterically laugh. It's hard not to laugh along when your two year old finds her joke so amusing.

That same day she asked for a cookie at mom's group and when I gave her one she growled in her very best monster voice, "Brielle's a cookie monster!"

It was also this day that we found out that gloves are "gwubs."
She thoroughly enjoys playing in the snow. 
Especially with Quigley.
Lately, when I pour her a glass of juice, she wants me to have one as well. If I don't pour myself a glass... oh my... the That reaction does not occur over milk or water.

On one particularly cold November evening (where the wind chill kept our neck of the woods at a chilly -23 degrees) I burrowed down in front of our faux fireplace with a blanket wrapped around me and a glass of hot cider. Sounds cozy right? Well, Bean decided she wanted a "fork" (aka fort) and so the rest of the night we crawled around in the fort daddy made in the living room. (Apparently this is what these two do when I'm not home, haha, I LOVE it.)

She wants to wear a dress!

When she describes things the adjective follows the noun. For example, when she wants to wear her cupcake dress it's "dress cupcake". She'll say an entire sentence describing something that way. I'm always needed as a translator, but I don't mind. She's pretty cute.

She loves, loves, loves being tickled. Which is screwy considering neither daddy or mommy enjoy it at all. In fact, we joke that if you tickle me I'm not responsible for your injuries. She's nothing like that, she actually ASKS to be tickled. Crazy girl.

One day she decided to go outside with the puppies in her slippers. This is a daily battle (to go outside fully dressed) so I decided to let her try it for a few seconds. Due to her experiencing the effect of cold toes, when she took her socks and slippers off to walk in the snow, I doubt she'll try it again. After dragging her indoors and washing her feet of snow and dirt, she giggled about her "snow feet" for a long time. (Remember the joke about the snow car?)

When we went to the doctor for an ultrasound to reveal our baby's gender, we kept asking Bean if she was going to have a brother or a sister. She was adamant that it was a sister. Turns out she was right!
We're having a girl!

As we were looking at all the ultrasound pictures Bean exclaimed, "How cute!" (There's some moments we wish we had on video, this was one of them.)

She's very good at recognizing colors and shapes. What amazes me is when she says something like she did at the science museum in Minnesota as she's pointing at some abstract art, "Mommy is not a square, is triangle."

Her favorite thing to tell us these days is, "Brielle do it."

This is how she sings the ABC's "A B C D Eh G W S Y duh B Now I knowm my ABC's, mommy do it, sing wif meeeeee!" (The letter W is her favorite.)

She says her "f's" like "p's" so fix it is "pix it" or feed the dogs is "peed the dogs". She does say fun correctly though, and if I suggest something that sounds like fun she says, "wike fun!" (like fun).

Lately, when we pick an outfit the description of what she wants sounds like this, "Put it on it the dress sprinkles." In other words, she wants to wear a dress with sprinkles. When I find one that (I can fake) matches that description she asks, "How many sprinkles mommy?" (Usually, I pick something with sparkles.) So I respond, "Lots. Lots and lots." But that answer never satisfies...

Almost every day at lunch (since finding out how funny I thought the cookie monster comment was) she tells me, "Brielle's a monster!" (and then she growls). I keep trying to capture this on video, but she's camera shy.
We have seen crazy weather this month, from cold below zero snowy days to 50 - 60 degrees and sunny. No matter the weather, this little girls wants to be outside.
I wish I had a recording of how she says mustache. Haha. So adorable.
Wagon rides with her cousin Alexi are the best.
We are decorating for Christmas today and I know I'll have lots of pictures to share in the Christmas edition next month, so stay tuned. If she's as cute as she was last year it may be hard to actually decorate...
It's amazing how much she's changed already...

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