Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesdays Top Ten Plus Ten [Winter Wardrobe Favorites]

Right now I have a baby bump...
... as a result my regular wardrobe is sitting in storage tubs so I'm going to stick to pictures I use as inspiration for all of my favorite winter outfits (see my Lookin' Lovely Pinterest board for more winter wardrobe ideas).

Most of my maternity clothing was given to me; thankfully I like most of it (like the above shirt) and can create favorite outfits with what I have. My favorite winter outfits revolve around warm sweaters, scarves and boots. I think you'll notice that as you check out my top tens today.
Don't forget to look at Melany's top ten winter wardrobe favorites as well, hopefully our favorites give you some inspiration this winter season.

1. I'm really into button up shirts right now; add a sweater, boots, and a scarf and it equals warm, comfy greatness. The following outfit is a perfect example (minus the scarf).

2. I love this combination and have all the items to pull it off (but my red watch is Mickey Mouse)...

3. Layers, layers, layers. I'm all about layers. You never know what it's going to be like in someone else's house, the grocery store, church &etc. so I don't hesitate in putting on a tank top, long sleeved shirt, a sweater, scarf, wool socks and boots on a cold winter day.

4. I have a couple vests similar to the ones pictured, as well as similar button ups, to pull these awesome outfits off (I'd add a scarf of course).

5. One of my favorite scarf's has the same pattern as the purse pictured. I love the color scheme that pattern provides for the winter season!

6. I have this giant, soft yellow coat purchased from the Cabela's Bargain Cave a couple winters back. I got it for an awesome deal and is now a favorite to wear with a striped shirt and a black or white scarf. It's one of my go-to outfits. This is a similar outfit that I would definitely wear. I like the idea of using a collard shirt as an additional layer (oh, and yes, I'd substitute the gold chain for a scarf).

7. A long sleeved dress, coat, tights, boots and scarf is a perfect outfit for church. Something like this is ideal...

8. I'm also in love with anything red (red and gray... red, tan, and brown... red, black and gray... red and black... red and white... etc. etc.), especially during the winter season. I have the items to pull these adorable outfits off as well...

9. Remember #3 where I referred to perfect layers. Well here's another favorite winter layer idea: collared shirt, sweater, jacket, frilly necklace.
Just add a jacket for an extra layer of warmth... or not...

10. I also adore the color teal (teal and brown... teal and black... teal and gray... teal and blue... teal, blue and green... etc. etc.) during the winter season. This color scheme is one I love pulling off often.

Now the question is, what shall I wear today? These pictures have reminded me of all my winter wardrobe favorites... which one, which one? 

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