Monday, December 29, 2014

14 Most Popular Posts of 2014

Coming in first with a whopping 3,142 views is one of our top ten topics titled, Tights Are NOT Pants! There are obviously many people who agree with the point Melany and I were trying to make!

In second was another top ten. This was before Melany joined me and I wrote about Mommy Garb. This is one of my favorites as well.

I'm proud to announce that one of my posts on my adorable little girl made the list. Baby B is 16 Months Old is a pretty adorable post if I do say so myself.

Another top ten made the top five! Melany and I made a list of our favorite Children's Books. The thing is... I could add to this list every week.

One of the most demanding writing challenges I've ever undertaken came in fifth. Writing this 40 Day Challenge was one of the most powerful projects in my Christian life. I designed it to help me focus on our almighty, sovereign God and I'm honored that many other women joined me!

Another day in the 40 Day Challenge made the list at #6. Day 7 was a popular day and it was one of the hardest in this challenge. I challenge you to take it on...

Tying for #7 was The Privilege and Price of Motherhood inspired by a book I recommend to all women called Fearlessly Feminine and #1 Marriage Ruiner for Women, which was written as I planned our 5 year wedding anniversary. This is one of my favorite posts as well.

Next on the list is yet another top ten called, When Friends Confide in Me. All posts are inspired by some event in my life and this list was one I need because it serves as a constant reminder to glorify God in all that I say and do; especially when a friend approaches me asking, "Can I talk to you?"

Top Tens are popular! Funniest Movies made the list as well. That was a fun list to create.

Day 19 of the 40 Day Challenge was also rather popular. I'm not surprised because I wrote about that dreaded "S" word women cringe at the hearing of it. Biblical submission has nothing at all to do with equality and more to do with God's design in marriage created to reflect Christ's relationship with the church. It's beautiful.

The story of our travels titled, My Temporary Life as a Bahama Mama, was also popular this year.

My "Shout Out to ThredUp" made the most popular list as well. This is one of my absolute favorite places to shop!

Last, but definitely not least, is another one of my favorites. Remember how I told you that all posts are inspired by some event in my life? Well, this next post titled Dealing with Conviction and Correction was one such post and it obviously struck a cord with others as well. We will all encounter moments where we need to be corrected, this post offers Biblical advice on how to handle it.

Thank you readers for surprising me on how many people take a peak at my writing. I had a lot of fun  creating this list and can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer!

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