Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten [Gifts I'd Like to Give]

I don't buy lottery tickets, but I do dream of winning the lottery. There's a few things I'd do if that ever did happen...

1. Shopping Spree. How fun would it be to surprise a friend with this statement, "pick a store and spend to your hearts delight"?

2. Keys. To a dream house or a dream car. Everyone has a "dream" something.

3. Vacation. I'd love to have enough money to buy a getaway with all my family or a group of friends. Somewhere where we can relax and getaway from the dramatic, hustle and bustle of life. Oh! Oh! Oh! Better yet, I'd grab those friends or family members, take them to a store and surprise them with, "I bought us all tickets to Hawaii," and then hand them a list of things we'll be doing, "here's some money to get what you want to take with you!"

It's not like that day will ever happen (I don't waste my money on tickets, remember?) I'd love to give someone each one of the above gifts, unfortunately I don't see that happening any time soon. Bummer. Until that day, these are also gifts worth giving (but lighter on the pocketbook)...

4. Helping someone cross one more item off their bucket list. Depending on what this is, I may or may not need a lottery ticket...

5. Time. For my 30th birthday all I wanted was time with my husband, just my husband, for an entire weekend. Time alone is rare with a two year old, and it'll become even more so that way when our newborn arrives come April. Sometimes the best gift to give someone is the promise of time spent with them... no technology, just you and me doing what you want, talking, laughing, eating, making memories... uninterrupted time is an amazing gift.

6. Fresh Baking. Who doesn't love right-out-of-the-oven bread or cookies?
It's like giving a box of JOY!

7. A Box of Sunshine. I saw this idea on Pinterest and immediately thought of a few people who could use a box of sunshine. How awesome is this?!

8. A Book. Because books take you on adventures, enlighten your mind to new and interesting things, make you laugh or cry or feel every emotion known to man, books help keep your brain alive and active... books help you escape. There's no better gift than a book. (And I have lots of recommendations! Visit my Reading and Writing page or my Book Fairy Pinterest board to see what I mean.)

9. Gag Gifts. Anything to bring on a laugh or two (my "Giving is Better than Receiving" Pinterest board has lots of hilarious ideas).

10. Lottery Tickets. Who knows, perhaps the friend I bought the tickets for would win big and then spoil me with any one of the above ideas? Haha, just kidding, although lottery tickets could be a fun gift, what if they're a complete flop? That doesn't sound like a gift I'd really like to give. I think I'll stick to ideas 1 through 9.

"Giving is better than receiving" is so true for me (I even have a Pinterest board named after this mantra). I love giving gifts. I love seeing the reaction, the fun had with it, the sparkle in the eye, the "hmmmm... I wonder what it is?!" I also enjoy the process of picking a gift as much as I enjoy giving it. I think that's why I enjoy the Operation Christmas Child ministry so much (which you should definitely check out for next year).

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