Saturday, January 3, 2015

Spilling the Beans [December 2014 Edition]

I asked Bean what she wanted for lunch and she told me, "Mac-n-cheese and turkey. Make it hot."

This is how she dresses up to go to a friends house.
She pulled out her love bug costume (tutu, wings and antennas), leis, clip on earrings and a necklace or two from her dress up suitcase and then asked me to, "Take my picture mommy!" How could I resist? 
That same day she wore multiple crazy outfits. 
Dress up is a favorite activity.
Library day is also a favorite...

She got super sick one night this month and broke my heart when she sat up to throw up for the umpteenth time, started crying, "Mommy I scared." Might as well rip my heart out and stomp on it. Poor thing.

On a funnier note she discovered her nipples. One day while getting dressed she pointed to one and asked daddy, "Look. What's that?"
Daddy: "It's a nipple."
Brielle: "It's a ball."
Daddy: (laughing) "It's called a nipple."
Brielle: "It's a ball nipple."
Now as she's getting dressed she tells me, "Look! Mommy! Nipple! It's ball!" or "I have a nipple!" (as she points it out to me...)

Polkadots are "cocoa dots".

Candy Cane's are "candy cans".

She sings "Ring around the rosy" as "rin a rin rosy".

Abi gagged one day at lunch and Brielle, after her night of throwing up in a bucket exclaimed, "Whoa! Need a bucket Abi?"

Cabela's is "bella's".

She's beginning to form more complex sentences. I first noticed it when she told me, "I don't want to pick up cause I tired."

My favorite pictures this month of Bean and her cousin Abi cuddling.

She's officially in a big girl bed! She was SO excited to sleep in it that when it was finally time to go to bed, she wanted mommy and daddy "OUT." It was the first time she's been so quick to say, "Night night! Wuv you!"

Bean received a magnetic dress up doll set for Christmas and spends hours dressing and redressing these dolls she refers to as her "sisters". They're heavy wooden dolls, but she insists on sleeping with them! I even had to explain why it was a bad idea to take them to the bath with her....

Since February she's been calling her pacifier "coy" (not entirely sure where that came from) but these days she also refers to it as her "facifier".

We were watching Cinderella and we get to the part where her step sisters tear her dress apart.... as Cinderella is crying Brielle exclaimed, "She needs a daddy!" Yes, every little girl needs a daddy like Kyle.

Aunt Sydnie is "Symie" and Uncle Travis is "Ravis".

Briella Bean was enamored with Symie's prom dress so Symie got it out so Brielle could see it, which lead to her trying it on, which lead to Bean wanting a bow, which lead to Symie letting her wear the necklace she wore with it as well, which lead to Bean crying about not having earrings to wear... which lead to dancing... to Wagon Wheel (of course). She was so excited about "wearing" it that she described it to us, "Symie, I have a dress and a bra!"

We hysterically giggled as she pulled something weird out of her mouth and said, "I have a gross!" Now whenever there's something gross on her fingers or in her mouth that's what she tells me.

Dressing her is becoming increasingly difficult. She insists on wearing a dress, tights, and her sprinkle shoes. Every day.

We've been asking Brielle, "What's your sister's name?" and her reply is always "Doctor!" Now when we ask she acts annoyed. I'm sure she's thinking, I've already told you! I don't know what she's going to think when she meets her sister and learns her name is not Doctor....

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