Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten [The Best of 2014]

Last week I shared my 14 Most Popular Posts of 2014, but this time I'm sharing my personal favorites of the year. It was extremely hard narrowing it down to 10! I spent quite of bit of time debating between 16 different posts.... (these are in no particular order)....

1. How Sanctification is Like Kneading Bread is a comparison that I'll never forget. It comes to mind often when various trials and tribulations come my way and it forces me to ask a very important question, How is God using this to draw me closer to Him?

2. Top Ten Book Quotes is a favorite because I am a huge fan of quotes. I can't help marking up my favorite lines in a book.

3. The Visual That Helped Me Understand the Power of the Cross was a form of worship for me. Writing helps me focus my thoughts and organize the cobwebs. Once I was able to draw this visual, break it down, write about it and share it with you, I was in absolute awe at the work of Jesus Christ.

4. Mommy Garb made this list because it makes me giggle.

5. BecKyle, Bean & Baby is another favorite and has been a popular post this year. This post details our huge leap of faith, the feeling of anxiousness that we're experiencing, but more importantly the pure joy we feel as we plan for another addition to our family. And while experiencing these various emotions, we are once again in a place of praise because this story is simply one more reminder that God is sovereign!

6. #1 Marriage Ruiner for Women was written as I was planning for BecKyle's 5 year wedding anniversary. It was a perfect reminder of a truth learned from our premarital counseling that I thought was more than fitting to share.

7. Reasons My 1-Year-Old Is Crying is hilariously irritating that too many mom's can relate to. I could keep adding to this list but it'd now be renamed, Reasons My 2-Year-Old Is Crying.

8. The 40 Day Challenge energized, encouraged, motivated, and refreshed me on so many levels. Each day forced me to focus my mind on God, which improved my relationship with my husband and even my daughter. It.is.a.challenge. and I challenge any woman seeking to draw closer to God and her husband to take it on.

9. Top Ten Favorite Book Characters is a favorite because it reminded me of characters I fell in love with just like they were old friends.

10. The "Secret" to Their Hope inspired me and absolutely amazed me. I couldn't help but write about this particular Voice of the Martyrs story.

This will be a top ten every year, until next time then!

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