Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tuesdays Top Ten [Things In My Existence That Give Me an Eternal Perspective]

I feel like things are finally back to "normal" after the crazy month of March. When craziness happens there are only 4 things I focus on: God, Husband, Children, Discipleship (in that order). Since "blogging" doesn't fit into that list, it takes a back burner when I don't have time. So if you don't see a post, I'm busy. Crazy busy. These last few weeks I've barely had time to sweep my floor, much less read my Bible. Honestly, I hate that kind of crazy, so you have no idea how good it feels to have the time to write this! And today's particular topic has been on my mind a lot lately, because crazy busy schedules made the list (see #9).

The top ten things I encounter that help me look forward to an eternity of perfection with Jesus because of my faith in his death on the cross, burial, and resurrection:

1. Seasonal Allergies. Oh man the stuffy nose is one thing, but when you add itchy eyes, nose, tongue and ears, I would be extra celebratory if Jesus came back when ragweed pollen was good and strong.

2. Spiders. I'm not saying there won't be spiders in heaven, I'm just saying that the fear of them will be gone. They seriously give me the hebejebees.

3. Stomach bug, especially when it makes the rounds in my family. Being sick is one thing, but when you're sick and you have to take care of your sick children, it's ten times more miserable.

Speaking of children...

4. Whiny, weepy, disobedient children. Disobedient is one thing, but when they constantly whine and cry over the most insignificant things - I think I despise that more than disobedience. It grates on every last nerve. It's in these moments I think, "Lord, if you came back now that would be fantastic."

5. Dramatic Facebook posts and the horrible comments I see with it. That is the #1 reason why I "un-follow" people. We lack filters, kindness, respect, and self-control. It is completely evident when I scroll through my Facebook feed, which makes me disgusted. I have not been perfect with self-control and kindness myself, so it's something I'm constantly working on. I definitely do not want to be the source of someones irritation. And I am deeply sorry if my words did not reflect or glorify the almighty God I serve.

6. Horrible Events in the news and the equally as horrible comments I see with it. This is related to #5 with people lacking filters, kindness, respect and self-control. When something happens and I want to read about it, I have to steer clear from people's comments. Too many people ignore the facts, immediately react to their emotions, and say something really, really, really stupid and heartless. Whenever I find myself reading the comment section, I also find myself praying, "Jesus, I can't stand it anymore here! I just want to be with you!" 

7. Political seasons. Talk about heartless, and people lacking in kindness, self-control and respect! Politicians are absolutely horrible in how they treat one another. I hear more about the person they are competing against than I do about their own stance on a particular issue. I do not care about what the politician thinks of so-and-so, but I do care about what they believe about the constitution and their job to uphold it. When I see another one of those berating commercials I pray, "Jesus! Every knee will bow to YOU as our King! Just come back now!"

8. Back pain. God has promised that if we believe in Jesus as our Lord and Savior that we will spend a painless, tearless eternity with Him. Whenever my back injury from 11 years ago rears it's ugly head, I cannot wait for the day I meet Jesus face to face.
9. Crazy busy schedules. When life gets so busy I feel like I haven't had the time to truly enjoy time in God's Word, or take the time to love on my husband and my girls, I cannot wait for the eternity with Jesus praising His Name forever and ever and ever. Time will never be an issue and when people ask "How are you?" I'll never have to say again, "Crazy busy."

10. Voice Of the Martyrs. I recommend all Christians to subscribe to this free magazine. The stories in it will inspire you in your faith. VOM supports persecuted Christian's all over the world and when I read their stories, I beg Christ to come back and relieve these individuals suffering for HIS NAME SAKE. Reading their stories make this particular list of mine so insignificant. They have many more reasons to pray for Christ's return and ache for eternity with Him. I admire their steadfastness, their undying faith, their willingness to spread the gospel no matter the cost. If they can endure, then I can too. How much more do I have to be thankful for in this blessed life I live? While I'm thanking Him, I'll also continue to look upwards, when my faith becomes sight and I finally meet Jesus face to face.

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