Monday, November 25, 2013

Briella Bean [14 Months]

This has been quite the month for us. She got the chicken pox, poor baby. She was absolutely miserable. She didn't have much of an appetite and survived on jello, egg drop soup, grapes, and crackers. Her legs and bum were covered in itchy spots, but they were also on her face, elbows, and back. I'd smother her in coconut oil after an oatmeal bath and she'd sit back and relax. I can only imagine how good it felt on her itchy, sore, blistery skin. I felt so bad for her, especially on those nights that she'd wake up all itchy. Thankfully, she is on the mend and back to a happy, goofy, ornery little girl again.

She is definitely a daddy's girl. When she was sick with a fever, she wanted her daddy. When he left for youth group, she cried and reached for him long after he left. It seriously broke my heart. When he came home (an hour and a half later) she was still crying for him, "Da! Da! Da!" He made her year when he spooned up a bowl of ice cream. I think her throat hurt so this was a wonderful soothing remedy. He is a fantastic, thoughtful daddy.

Everyday she adds something new to her ever expanding vocabulary. "At" is hot. "Daaa-Dooooo" is thank you (she also signs this very well, and uses it correctly!). "Duh" is done (and she does the sign for that as well). "Dis" for this. Uh oh is one of her favorite things to say and we joke that she's a walking uh-oh (I'll hear a crash and then an adorable little, "uh-oh!") She signs and says "peeees" (please). "Dink" for drink. "Aw-aw-aw" is how she gives loves. "Pre, pre, pre" (always whispered) are her "pretties" (necklaces, bracelets, hair bows, etc.), I'll brush her hair, telling her, "Oh! Sooooo pretty Brielle!" and she'll grab the comb and brush her own hair and then mine as well. Whenever she eats something she likes (which is often) she says a quick, "mm" with every bite. "Ba" is ball. And her cutest is balloon, which I'm forever thankful that I captured on video:

Her favorite toy has anything to do with a ball. Her version of catch is adorable.

Her favorite food hasn't changed since the first day she tried them: graham crackers.

She discovered pockets and has become obsessed with putting things in and out, in and out. I giggled when I put a little orange fuzz ball in her pocket and I could write a post on "how to make my 1 year old mad at me." (I feel a "top ten" coming on...)

Her little "aw-aw-aw's" melt my heart. Especially when I'm doing dishes (for example) and I feel her little arms wrap around my shins and her chubby hands giving me gentle pats as she exclaims, "aw-aw-aw" -- my heart is reduced to a puddle. I love those random, "I love you, mom" moments. And that is why I love this mom job so very, very much.

Favorite pics this month:
Cutest outfit ever, on the most adorable little girl ever!

Play time in the Cheyenne mall - she LOVED it.

Yup. That's a banana. On top of my head.

"Ta-Da!" Look at all my Halloween candy!

My little love bug and her Halloween costume.

There are a series of pictures of her being goofy as all get out. Here's a couple of my favorites:

Laughing at mom who's laughing at her faces.

I heard brutal screams coming from the kitchen and found this mess: my daughter sitting on top of the gate blocking off the steps, her beloved blanket stuck underneath, and a little tuft of it was pulled through one of the holes. Don't ask me how this happened, all I know is that it was a very dramatic moment in our household. She signed "please" over and over again, begging for my help. It was so cute!

She is so incredibly smart. I'm definitely one of those moms who thinks everything her daughter does is the sweetest, cutest thing ever and am quick to share the details. I make no apologies. Each day she does and adds something to her vocabulary, cute little quirk, or new discovery. I can't wait to see what it is this month! (Don't worry, I'll be sharing...)


  1. This is my favorite age! I love how much they learn in the 2nd year.

  2. I'm loving it too! It amazes me how much she's learned this week! I'm loving it.

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