Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Celebrations!

It all started with a youth group Halloween party at our church. Last year Bean and I went as Party Poopers:
She was most definitely the pooper because she wanted nothing to do with the party. Who can blame her, it was loud, bright, past bedtime... so we didn't stay long. Plus I was exhausted. You can really tell in the bottom right picture. This was a couple weeks after my second surgery and Briella Bean (aka my little pooper was a colicky baby). Life during those days was rough to say the least.

BUT I survived and wouldn't change those events for the world. The events of October 1st of last year was one of the best things that could've happened to me, I am forever changed as a result. It's amazing how a near death experience forces you to change your perspective on everything. This Halloween was definitely a celebration! We began the celebration at the youth group party...

I waited until last minute to get Bean's costume around (shocker, I know). Since last year we matched I decided to match her costume to mine (a lady bug), and I neglected to take a picture of us together. :( Oh well.

Thankfully I had all the supplies and it was super easy and fun to put together. She was our little love bug.
It was so fitting considering that she gives everything she loves "aw-aw-aw's" (especially her blanket).

Her little curls! I'm so thankful she got her daddy's hair! 

She was a busy little bug so daddy held her as a captured a picture of her face! Haha.
"Daddy's Little Love Bug"

She was busy! This is what most of my pictures looked like: blurry, backside, in motion.
Thankfully I did get one or two adorable pics! Including this one...

Halloween day was windy and cold, making it impossible to go outside without being bundled up (which meant the love bug costume was out). Antenna's prevent warm hats and wings prevent a coat, so I grabbed her adorable Minnie Mouse dress, an even cuter red coat she owns, her warm Minnie Mouse hat, her Minnie Mouse blanket (her favorite), her Minnie Mouse backpack, and her Minnie Mouse stroller and we were off. (And yes, once everyone found out her nursery was Minnie Mouse themed, all we got was Minnie Mouse stuff, so everything pictured was stuff she already owned. I LOVED it.) It turned out perfect!
Our town hosts a "business" treak-or-treat opportunity in the afternoon; where the kids dress up and wear their costumes downtown as the local businesses hand out candy. She seemed to enjoy the time outdoors and she liked it even better once she had a sucker!
Once we got home I took the opportunity I missed the day before and got a picture of our "matching" Minnie Mouse outfits. Then I let her rummage through her bag. She LOVED this and was on a sugar high afterwards.

She had had enough of the coat...
Let me give you chocolate aw-aw-aw's mom!
She shook and shook and shook those milk duds in a desperate attempt to get the candy out! She tried this with each and every piece - suckers, skittles, bottle caps... 
Trying oh-so-hard to open the sucker.
I wasn't a cruel mommy, I did let her have a couple pieces and she gratefully stuffed her mouth!
She had stuff scattered everywhere!
Sugar high!
It was a fun day and we ended it with giving candy to trick-or-treaters who came to our door and then ran over to our neighbors and wished her a Happy Halloween. Of course, she was spoiled and ate a cookie at her house as well. Bean crashed at the end of the night and rewarded mommy with some rare cuddle time. She actually fell asleep in my arms as we rocked! That never happens, so I'll treasure that time I had with her. It was a fantastic day and we have enough candy to last us a life time! 

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