Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday's Top Ten [Must Have Crafting Supplies]

I love to craft. I'm also not a patient person, so when I have an end result in mind I don't want the project to take me more than a day to complete it. My home decor changes with the seasons, but these are cheap crafting supplies I'm ALWAYS using and try to keep in stock:

1. Burlap - The last time I bought this material I ordered it online at JoAnn's Fabric because they had a 50% off coupon. When that expired I searched elsewhere... Hobby Lobby now has a 40% off one regularly priced item (they limit fabric to 10 yards, but seriously, who needs 10 yards of burplap?). The code is 3068 and it expires December 28, 2013. So act quickly!
One of my "burlap" projects, also completed with twine and hot glue (my other essentials).
2. Hot Glue Gun - I'm terrible at sewing. I'd like to be better and I'm working on it, but the 'ole hot glue gun has saved my butt more times than I can count. I'd compare it to duck-tape, you can use it to fix about anything!

3. Twine - For $1 at Dollar General you can get a roll of it. You cannot go wrong.
The twine-wrapped wine bottle (4th from the left) is one of my favorite projects. It was quick and easy, but I do warn you, using hot glue to complete it will leave you without thumb prints. 
4. Spray can of clear gloss protective finish - This is always good for any painted project to seal it, making it last that much longer.

5. White or Gold spray paint - Those are my accent colors. Frames, vases, monograms, &etc. get an easy spray-paint touch up.

6. Fabric scissors and paper scissors - Having separate scissors for fabric and paper is essential. Having one pair for both makes me irritable.

7. Scrapbook Paper Stash - Walmart has notebooks of awesome scrapbook paper for $5! They stock colors galore, adorable and fashionable prints as well! You cannot go wrong here!

8. Razor - I got my razor for $1 at Dollar General and I use it for about everything. Cutting cardboard is a breeze!

9. Old Frames (with or without the glass) - There are two places I browse when visiting a thrift store: books and frames. You never know what kind of gems you'll find!

10. Acrylic Paint - As long as I use my sealant, acrylic paint works for about anything. Plus it's cheap, easy to clean off paintbrushes and undesirable surfaces, and it comes in a variety of wonderful colors.

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