Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mom's Group Trip to Paul Smith Children's Village/Cheyenne Botanic Gardens

I'm going to be posting twice today. Both are events sponsored by the Kimball Mom's Group and both were a blast. Thank you Sarah for arranging these trips!

My sister Mandy happened to be here when we went on this particular trip so I have lots of pictures with Briella Bean and Abi hamming it up.

This place is perfect for littles to walk around, wade in a pool, sit and eat snacks on a perfect "little" sized table, and enjoy all the little things to do. Oh, and don't forget to take time to smell the roses.
Look who greeted us! 

Bean's flower glasses were quite festive.

Bean is always making friends and Kim is a good friend to have around.

The "big" kids are always so interesting.

Bean was hanging out in the free library just so she could be with this little girl as she read to her. Cuteness.

Smelling the flowers.

Abi getting a little taste of home and playing in the sand.

I love this picture. It captures the beauty of this place.

I thought these flowers were so weird and beautiful!

We desperately tried to get a good picture with Bean and Abi on this butterfly chair, but it just wasn't happening.

Bean was wet from the wading pond and she left her little butt print on all of these chairs. She had to try them all. 

The best we could do... LOL...

Snack time!

Addi joined us for snacks.

Riley is Brielle's FAVORITE person right now. If it were up to Bean, this is how it'd be all.the.time.

Watching an artist.

We began and ended our trip with watching this cute lil family.

She kept saying, "Duck, nice."

Be sure to check out their website: They're definitely worth visiting.

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