Monday, July 7, 2014

"Tickled Pink" Baby Shower

I'm a little behind the times. I have so many posts to catch up on -- Bahamian recipes from our trip back in February, this baby shower, our church's high tea, our 4th of July, an update on my little Bean, and then I'd like to get back into my original routine: Mommy Monday's and Tuesday's Top Tens. My 40 Day Challenge really wore my brain out and derailed that schedule, it's past time to get back on track.

Back in May our church family celebrated baby Kaitlyn and spoiled her and her mommy with lots of goodies.
Punchbowl invitation.
In order to keep myself organized I insist on doing a theme. I do not decide on a theme until after I've talked to the person we're celebrating and after a brief chat with Waneta (mommy) I had an idea...

Background knowledge: Waneta and her husband have 3 boys and they finally have a little girl. Waneta's huge smile indicated she was happy about this comment, "We've never seen so much pink in our lives!" They were simply tickled pink to have this little girl in their lives. PLUS her brothers were already showing her off, obviously proud to have her as part of the family.

Beyond that I had no idea where to go with this. I typed in "tickled pink" on Pinterest to see what would show up, I googled it, I searched every possible avenue and just when I was getting desperate it hit me - tickle - feathers - pink!
A piggy bank we filled with "college funding" change.

I made a feather wreath with a bright, sparkly, pink K in the middle. Ostrich feathers were a fun center peace!

Feathers were simply scattered throughout each table.

Baby Kaitlyn slept through most of it.

I read the book, The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop, which also served as her guest book. It's a wonderful story about the gift of your first kiss and how her brothers will probably help her keep it to herself! I took them to Song of Solomon 8:8-9 where her brothers are the one's who help guard their sisters purity. If she was a "wall" (in other words, remained pure) they'd bless her marriage, if not, "we will enclose her with boards of cedar" (or keep her under lock and key). Based on how her brothers acted towards her already I can already see their God-given protective instinct kicking into gear.

One of her very proud brothers.

Mommy and baby. The guests were busy filling in their baby bingo cards. They were asked to guess what Kaitlyn would receive and whoever got the first bingo won a prize.

Okay, so Kaitlyn slept AND ate.

Her brothers really wanted to help unwrap the gifts.

It was nothing fancy, super simple, but it all came together so well, especially when the selfless women in our church worked together. I am forever grateful for their help in decorating, setting up, getting food prepped, their service to the guests, and especially their help in cleaning up afterwards. I could not have pulled this off without them.

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