Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Fall Fashion Favorites]

Oh Fall! How I love thee! 
Picturesque trees, a cool breeze, and pumpkin lattes fill my heart with gleeeeeeee! 
The boots and scarves pulled out of a dusty bin is one more thing to give me a large grin.
This vibrant season rallies thanksgiving. 
And a grateful heart reminds me why life is worth living. 

Boots and scarves are what makes this season my fashion favorite. Call me silly, but I'm thankful for those two items. My logic is this: I must wear clothes and I like to be warm so I may as well be fashionable while accomplishing those two things. Otherwise, who cares, it's just clothes, right? God has blessed me with a full closet and after reading stories like what I published yesterday where a man was grateful to have escaped Islamic extremist with the clothes on his back and his Bible, this post seems so trivial. God has chosen to give me a blessed life so I choose to be extremely grateful that that He has given me boots and scarves and pumpkin lattes and the colorful leaves. To not have to worry about fleeing for my life or live in fear of screaming from the rooftops that I LOVE JESUS CHRIST allows me to truly thank Him for this season, including my fall fashion favorites.
And while you're at it, check out Melany's.

1. If I love an outfit I typically lay it out and snap a picture of it to pin to my Lookin' Lovely board. That way I remember combinations I adore and want to repeat. I started this last fall with a few of my favorites, and now that fall is here again I've already pulled out this particular favorite:

2. Here's another from last fall that I can't wait to repeat. Purple is an excellent pop of color amidst the oranges, yellows, reds and browns. 

3. I saw this outfit and immediately wanted to pull of something similar. How cute is that?!

4. Here's another I thought was too cute to pass up. I have all the items to pull this off one cool Sunday morning. 

5. Lately I've been all about button ups and skinny jeans, so adding boots and a long necklace is a must do this fall season.

6. What's not to love about this color combo? 
This is my version of this outfit...

7. So simple and yet, so perfect.

8. I wear this very same outfit often. It's comfy, cozy and cute. (Except I add a black or white scarf in lieu of the necklace and sometimes I wear my black boots instead of brown.)
The stripes also inspired me to create this outfit...
Ooooo I could also do the red stripes with the yellow cardigan, or wear a black scarf with the red and yellow and my black boots... the options here are endless!

9. I have so many favorite outfit possibilities that I pull off daily with these beauts that we'd be here forever. My 3 favorite fall scarves:
Gold, blue, green, coral, pink, brown, orange, light brown... these colors scream FALL.
10. And there's also this one from last year that I also loved. There's just something about a comfy outfit that can make you feel confident and classy.

I could add 100 more outfits to this list. With all the colors on each scarf and all the possibilities to mix and match or add a pop of teal or purple here and there... like I said... endless possibilities. I have so much fun with those possibilities. It's like my closet is the paint for my canvas. 

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