Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten [NEVER Again Will I...]

Have you ever played the drinking game Never Have I Ever where one person shares something he/she has never done and whoever has done it must drink? Yeah, I'll never play that game again because there's too many things on that "I've done it" list that I regret, plus I have no desire to play a game that leaves me with the inability to think, talk, walk or display any level of self-control ever again. That level of intoxication lead to a million other things I'll never do again, like living a promiscuous life-style or driving recklessly. Not to mention the fact that the last time I drank too much I made an absolute fool of myself. I made the people I loved the most justifiably angry with me. Thankfully they forgave me. That was over 5 years ago already and "drunkenness" officially goes on my list of things I'll never do again!

This list is reminds me of that game and all the stupidity that surrounded it. What's worse is that I feel kinda stupid sharing this list, but I believe transparency is important when sharing your faith. I am far from perfect and this list is living proof. I hope that makes me relatable...

Not everything on my "I'll never do THAT again"  list will be that serious, like the fact that I'll never put foofoo cream in my coffee again. I like plain old milk or cream in my dark roasted coffee and nothing else. Everything else gives me a tummy ache. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy a sweet Starbucks blend every once in a while, but I'll stick to my "original" without all the fluff.

Another less serious one: I'll never again cut my hair any shorter than shoulder length. I just don't like the way it looks....
I picked a haircut that was chin length and this was the end result. It was a tad shocking and I did.not.like.it on me! Thankfully hair grows back. I've tried the short haircut 3 times in my life - once in high school, once in college and then there was the above mentioned time - never again!

On a more serious note, never again will I ignore God's prompting. If He puts someone on my mind over and over and over again there's usually a reason. So I'll pray for that person and I'll let that person know I'm praying for them. I ignored it once and a week later she passed away, leaving me with this HUGE regret. Why didn't I contact her?! I'll never do that again. Ever.

Never again will I argue with a 2 year old about fashion sense. On a typical day at home my little girl changes clothes approximately two-dozen or more times. Her favorite is a green shirt with blue polka dots (aka cocoa-dots) and sporting a dolled up mouse paired up with a Minnie Mouse red and white polka dot skirt. No sense arguing with her. She pulls outfits such as these off with such adorableness that I have a hard time not snapping a picture of each and every one of her crazy outfits...

Now, there are times I pull the "I am your mother and know what's best for you!" card (like wearing warm clothes when it's cold outside, or keeping the nice clothing nice and not permitting her to wear a "church" dress outside to play at the park, or throw practicality out the window), but if I enjoy putting outfits together why not let her do the same?

Never again will I prevent my daughter from "helping" me. I can't tell you how many times I broke my little girls heart because I wouldn't let her "fold" laundry with me or dust the living room. Now she has a spray bottle full of water and her very own rag so she can join me as I scrub the house clean. She'll even join me in the kitchen to make dinner (unless of course it involves dangers such as sharp knives or a burning stove top). Do you know how much bonding time I missed out on because of my own selfish desires to just get it done? If she wants to help, I'll find something for her to do. I soak up the 2 year old chitter-chatter even as we clean up the giant mess made as a result of her "help".

6 down, 4 to go...

Never again will I judge a mother who's child is throwing a temper tantrum in Wal-Mart again. I'm shamed to admit that I used to be that person (with no children) complaining about the screaming child in isle 4. Discipline that child! was my mantra. The thing is, that mother could be doing everything God has called her to do as a mother and that child may still have a meltdown. Does that mean the meltdown should be ignored? Absolutely not. But I will never, ever, ever again be that person who frowns at a frazzled mom who's frantically trying to do something about it. I instead want to wrap my arms around her and explain that I am praying for her and her child. Being a parent is the toughest job on the planet so I do not want to make it worse by lacking understanding.

Never again will I go a day without my Bible, thankful journal, or music. I need them all for encouragement, hope, perseverance, and a reminder of God's faithfulness and sovereignty in good times and in bad. Those things help me focus on God and change my selfish heart.

Never again will I spend an entire day wearing high heels. Killer on the feet = killer on the mood. Plus it was this x-ray that did it for me:
I can't believe I used to spend an entire day teaching wearing shoes like this (not nearly this high, but high enough).
Never again will I let the world's empty philosophy hold more authority than the Word of God. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I have 30 years of foolishness that would allow me to add more "never would I ever again's" but 10 is enough to give you a pretty solid idea that I am far from perfect. I'm foolish enough that I'll admit there will probably be slip ups even with this list. Perhaps #10 should be, I'll never say "never" ever again... 

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