Monday, April 6, 2015

Spilling the Beans [March 2015 Edition]

I had a frog in my throat while reading her a book and kept trying to clear it out as I read it (super annoying I'm sure). These days after finishing a book she grabs it when I'm done reading it and demands, "Brielle do it." and then mimics me. This time it included throat clearing after every page. Haha.

Sunday afternoons are perfect for nap time and I was attempting to relax on the couch as Bean put me to bed. I got multiple kisses, she prayed for me, told me "I love you!" and even shared her aw-aw's. I loved every second of it.

We pick up the house of all things Bean before bedtime, but one night we forgot to check our bedroom. As we were getting ready for bed, we were giggling at all her playtime evidence left behind: Minnie Mouse was night-night in our bed, mommy's shoes were out of the closet and stacked in neat places by the front door, princess dresses & other misc. accessories were all over the floor.... we went to bed appreciating this little girl and her playtime, even if it is messy.

I was holding Marley, cause he's a baby, and Bean observed the fact that he has a bottom. She proceeded to point to bottoms, "Brielle has a bottom, Marley has a bottom, Quigley has a bottom, Mommy has a bottom..." (She even added her friend Faith - aka "Faif" - from church.)

I asked her if she was ready for dinner, "No! I ready for chocolate, silly!"

I asked Daddy if he'd seen any of her ballerina moves yet. (She points her toe, plies, throws her hands over her head, twirls, etc. etc. It's pretty cute.) So he asked her to show him her ballerina dance and she replied enthusiastically, "Okay! I need to take my pants off!" (Haha, not sure why this was necessary...)

Briella Bean LOVES helping mommy in the kitchen, especially with our new, matching aprons! (If you read last month's edition of Spilling the Beans, you would've read about her calling herself a "maker, maker, maker" whenever she puts it on...) On one particular evening I was chopping up kielbasa sausage just after Bean had "helped" me make corn bread. We explained to her that the knife was very sharp and could give her owies. She now refers to any knife as a "shark" and tells me it roars like a monster. The next morning she gets up and sees the bread knife on the counter, points to it, wraps her arms around her beloved blanket and shivers, "I don't want the shark to eat my aw-aw's!"

She knocks on everything before opening it... doors, lids, boxes, book covers...

She insists on dressing up in her princess dress and a bunny tail to dance.

I keep forgetting to add this adorable word of hers: buttons are "bushons".

She noticed her shadow and has become obsessed with it. In the car, for example, she was extremely worried that she lost her shadow, "Where my shadow go?" and later, as we were loading up, she saw her reflection in the car and exclaimed, "Look! My shadow!" I explained to her that it was her reflection and she replied, "Yeah! My erection!"

Lately most of her prayers have all been in an indistinguishable whisper and yet she insists on praying every time we pray together as a family. We all lean in close to try and understand it...

Bean came running to me, screaming about how scared she was, so we knelt down and prayed about whatever it was that scared her. Her prayer was adorable, "Lord, I scared of the trees. Gibberish. Gibberish. Gibberish. Amen." She was completely fine after giving her fear to Him and singing, "My God is so big! So strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do!" It amazes me still how God answers a little two year old's prayer to help her in her fear of trees. (We were in the basement, so I'm not sure what she was talking about, but hey, it was an awesome moment to point her back to God... one I'll always treasure.)

She took her daddy's suggestion to lick her plate clean literally, resulting in a hilariously adorable mess.

She put on her cape and told me she was going to fly to Lori's house (a family friend of ours).

Uncle David squeezed Brielle, giving her a hug with his legs, and she pointed at him angrily and said, "You made me mad!"

She went to the doctor for a strange rash that's appeared and reappeared from hair line to toe for the last two weeks. She kept telling the doctor, "Don't take off my tutu!"

As I was putting up the reading tent in her playroom, complete with colorful lights, she insisted on wearing the shear white curtains I used explaining, "I marry." I could not for the life of me figure out what she meant until she pulled out the book daddy and I got her for Valentine's called, The Princess Kiss which is a wonderful story about a princess saving her first kiss for her prince. She turned to the page where they got married and once again explained, "See? I marry!" It was pretty cute! During her nap I grabbed one of her crowns and hot glued tulle on it so it could be her "marry crown" (as she has named it).

Daddy asked her one morning if she wanted her juice, her response, "Okay, but don't take my facifier." (aka pacifier) Smart little booger knows she only gets it at bed time and loses it when she gets her cup of juice in the morning; thoughtful logic that didn't work as she had hoped.

Brielle pretends to cry quite often and announces, "Brielle's crying." She'll attempt to hide her face and lift her shoulders up and down as though sobbing. It's actually ridiculously hilarious and someday I want to capture this on video. The way she contorts her face is also entertaining.

After one of our doctor appointments we went to the store to pick out a going home outfit for sister. Brielle also thought it was necessary that her sister also have her own aw-aw's (aka special blanket). Pretty stinkin' cute.

A few pics from this month...
With Miss Melany (aka Lulu) at the lake.

Climbing a tree with daddy!

It was warm enough one day this month to put on swimsuits and play in water!

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