Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Funniest Movies]

I'm not a fan of that raunchy humor that makes you giggle and cringe at the same time. I like the stuff that requires some creative thought, some background knowledge, some intelligence, mixed in with some silliness and idiocracy. I like the humorous movies that make me giggle because of a witty one liner that sticks with me weeks after watching it. Or situations that were so hilarious (or eye-rolling-ridiculous) that tears stream down my face. Those movies are rare these days, so when I find them, I consider them gems. This is my list...

After reading mine, check out Melany's
Numero Uno: Princess Bride
Fairytales, villains, true wove, utter ridiculous humor... an all around perfect combination...
Duex: Shanghai Noon
I hysterically giggle through this entire film.

Sān: Fun with Dick & Jane
I found it extremely amusing to follow along with these two as they lose their minds after losing everything. 

Four: The Three Amigos
The stupidest movie in the history of movies, but I can't help it. It's funny.

Cinq: The Emperor's New Groove. 
I think I enjoy this movie so much because my sisters love this movie. We watched it so much the tape plum wore out. Quotes from this movie are inserted into conversations around my family's dinner table and always produce ample laughing.
Seriously, this duo is comical. 

Six: Dumb & Dumber
Just when you thought this list couldn't get any dumber, I totally redeem myself with this one. Right? 

Seven: The Apple Dumpling Gang
This movie was a favorite growing up all because of this pair...

Ocho: The Pirates of the Caribbean
The only reason these movies made the "funny" list is because of one man: Johnny Depp. I LOVE his character! His facial expressions, weird quirks, and reactions totally make these movies great. 

Nine: Despicable Me 
The minion's cute little antics totally do it for me.

Deka: The Proposal
I simply love this movie. And it makes me laugh. Double whammy.

Okay, this isn't a "movie" - it's a short Mickey & Minnie blurb from the YouTube channel DisneyShorts. I had a HARD TIME choosing, but this one (titled Bad Ear Day) made me laugh a lot. Enjoy!

Okay... and this one...

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