Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Joys of Owning a Pet]

It's that time of the week already and this week is all about our pets!

I'm going to take a different approach to this: the joys and "joys" of owning a pet. Reason being, I have two dogs, whom I love as part of the family, but there are moments when I wonder if its worthwhile. Since we are dog owners, I guess the title of this should be, The Joys of Having Dogs in Your Family.
The "Joys" of dog ownership...
  1. Dog hair becomes a normal part of your diet. Yum.
  2. Dog hair. Period. Hair is everywhere and no matter how many times you sweep in the course of a week, you'll always have a pile of it. Especially when the weather begins to warm up.
  3. Dog Bombs - I heard someone say that if aliens ever invaded planet earth they'd believe dogs ruled the world because we pick up their poop, feed them, walk them, &etc. Haha! Seriously, though, having dogs poop in your back yard means you're constantly having to watch were you step and then on those days when you have to clean it up... yuck.
  4. They demand attention. If you don't exercise them, you notice when they destroy your favorite shoes from boredom. If you don't train them how to greet a guest at the door, your guest will be mauled by a jumpy, over-excited dog. If you don't train them they'll take the food right out of your hand without given permission. They take a lot of time and a lot of repetition, but they'll surprise you with the results if you take time to demand obedience. Plus, Marley makes it difficult to sit without giving him attention, because the world revolves around Marley.
  5. They break your heart when it's time to say good-bye. (Good-bye Nachi!)
  6. Forces you to be responsible. You're taking care of another life! Having a pet makes it difficult to just pick up and go without finding a sitter or a kennel. You must make sure they're fed, trained, watered, and loved. 
  7. Messes. Sometimes they puke on your rug or a pillow. Sometimes they dig monster holes in the back yard throwing dirt allllllll over the porch. Sometimes you find them snuggled on YOUR bed leaving behind a mess of dog hair on your pillow. When you have a puppy and are training them to go potty outside, you'll always have messes to clean up. Sometimes they're worse than toddlers about leaving toys strewn about the house.
  8. Nasty licking! Seriously hate slobbery, poop-smelling, dog kisses. Yuck. They eat poop, I don't care how "clean" their mouth is! 
    I need this sign for Quigley. 
  9. Barking. Marley barks at a leaf that floats across our yard. And because of his obsession with playing watch dog, my windows will never be clean.
  10. They are expensive! You end up paying an arm and a leg to get them neutered, fed, shots taken, toys, treats, birthday and Christmas presents...
The Joys of owning a pet...
  1. Companionship and genuine friendship. When I got Marley I was the loneliest I've ever been. He filled some lonely hours and for that reason he will always hold a special place in my heart. They are loyal, protective, forgiving, and they want to be with me all.the.time. no matter how I treat them. Plus Bean LOVES playing with them. 

    Bean showing Quigley her shells from the Bahamas. So cute!
  2. They display unconditional love. There's this running joke in our house that goes something like this: if you want to see who truly loves you, lock your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car and see who's happy to see you when you open it after an hour or two. It's true. They'd love you no matter what you do to them. Plus during some lonely moments you kinda appreciate a lick or two.
  3. It's unnecessary to clean the floor after each meal. They are most useful with small children who leave a damage zone a mile wide. 
  4. They teach responsibility. Which is perfect for kids. Bean helps feed the dogs every day and she loves it. 
  5. Two Words: Cuddle Time! Marley is a perfect cuddler and we have yet to convince Quigley he's not a lap dog. But if you're down you can count on them to nuzzle in and keep you warm and safe.
  6. Protection. When we go on hikes there's nothing better than having a dog with. Plus if there's ever a "lucky" soul that enters our home unwelcome, I'm pretty sure Quigley would come uncorked. 
  7. Dress up. It's a good thing #2 is true 'cause Marley hates this, but I.just.can't.help.myself. 
    Yup. He wore a tux at our wedding. Hehe.
  8. They give me plenty to write about! Like Marley's Weird Quirks, or Poor Marley and the Dreaded Red Ant Attack, or when Poor Marley Tried to Bite a Fan, or the antics of CraaaAaaaAzzzy Quigley (x2).
  9. They open doors to conversation. What's not to talk and laugh about if you see the picture of Marley in his tux? Or when people walk through your door and you have to explain that Quigley's nickname is "crotch dog" because that's how he gets your attention: sticking his giant head in a place where he knows you'll have to pay attention!
  10. They're entertaining. Who needs TV when you have stuff like this happening on a daily basis?
Like Bean playing patty-cake with Marley...

or Marley trying to dig his toy out of a stocking...

or play time with a baby...

or the time he tried to attack a fan!

or Quigley burying his rawhide.

I feel beyond blessed to have two amazing pets that give me reason to keep them around. I love them. They're part of the family and I can't help but spoil the heck out of them. To me the JOYS outweigh the "joys" so I do believe they're worthwhile. Life just wouldn't be the same without them in it.

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