Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Favorite Spring Outfits]

I'm a person of simplicity. As one example, too much jewelry = clutter. If I wear dangly earrings I typically do not wear a necklace. If I wear a necklace I tend to choose simpler earrings. I don't know why I do this, except that I don't like the way it looks on me. Other people can pull it off, I don't always feel like I can for whatever reason. Also, I always seem to gravitate towards the clothing racks with solid colors. I don't know why I skip patterns when I buy shirts and pants. I didn't really realize I did that until one of my friends was telling me why she picks the clothing she does: with one beautifully patterned shirt she had 4 different possibilities for pants alone. Made since to me! I found it inspiring! And I'm falling in love with outfits like this (which, of course, is pinned in my Lookin' Lovely board).

Lately, because of my recent ThredUp addiction, and the inspiration from a friend, I've been paying more attention to patterns, but to no avail. What I pick is still solid colors. I guess it's what I feel confident and comfortable wearing! When I shop I look for something timeless yet stylish, modest yet sexy, comfortable yet beautiful. I believe I've walked away with some pretty amazing pieces; like my little black dress and other (less than $10) gems. Plus, all but $20(ish) have been "free to me" (explained here) and most of my pieces are spring attire (I'm currently dealing with spring fever). Here are a few of my favorites, some are "new-to-me" and some are old, timeless classics...
After checking out my spring attire of choice, be sure to check out Melany's!

1. Button up shirts and lace have become my latest obsession thanks to this one recent find, believe it or not, at Dollar General! I can't remember how much it was, but I know it was less than $8 and I know they went quickly. I never look in the clothing, but on this day there was a 50% off on yellow dot items, so I decided "why not?" I am SO thankful I looked. This is my husband's favorite outfit on me, which is probably another reason I like it so much!
I am so picky on jeans. The only 100% cotton jeans that I found are CruelGirl, which are a boot cut, cowgirl inspired jean, and I LOVE them. (I don't particularly like the stretchy material that sags 20 minutes after wearing it.) This "cowgirl" outfit is perfect for a rare night out at a steak house! (Again, my hubby's ideal date night.)

2. I found this button up on ThredUp for a whole $5.60, seriously couldn't pass it up, the flip flops I bargained for in Juarez, Mexico when I went there for a missions trip as a freshman in high school nearly 15 years ago already (timeless)!

3. Another button up shirt (a Christmas gift) has become another favorite. You can't tell in the terrible picture, but there is a sheer, flowery pattern. LOVE it. Plus the scarf makes the outfit (or any outfit), I'm all about patterns when comes to choosing them. :)
4. This dress is exactly what I mean when I say I'm looking for timeless pieces because I've had it since high school, 10 years ago, and I still love it (aaaaand I've worked hard to insure it still fits). Those in the fashion industry probably won't recommend my style "rules" (timelessness, modesty, and comfort) on the red carpet, but I don't care because this dress will always be one of my favorites.

5. This jean button up is a favorite with my black skinny jeans folded up as capri's. The possible varieties these favorites give me are endless... here's two...
With my Mickey Mouse watch. :)

6. Anything with these shoes and this green cardigan, yup, favorite.

7. When I wore this outfit out, it was an immediate favorite.

8. Jean jackets with a cute little dress and flip flops are definitely a favorite spring attire.
9. MAXI DRESS! Enough said. 

P.S. This is my sister's maxi dress (sad face) and while I was writing this she saw me in it. Guess I have to give it back. ;) I'll enjoy it while I have it. Notice the pattern? Yeah, that's my sister!
10. White is such a springy, vibrant color. Despite associating spring with mud season (thanks to where I grew up in the Rocky Mountains) I can't help but pull my whites out of the dark. (See #3 as well.) Plus polka dots are definitely springy. Add a lace top, white sandals, and folded up skinny jeans and it's another fav.

There are only 4 items in my closet I paid more than $10 to own. My little black dress, 2 lacy shirts, and a heavy duty sweater I found in the clearance section at Cabelas because it was missing a button (I fixed it so you'd never know). I go out of my way to find deals. I'm not above scouring a thrift store for worthy pieces or diving into a clearance rack for hidden deals. There's no point in breaking the bank to fill my closet. God has spoiled me with clothes I can lay aside for spring, summer, fall, and winter. So many people don't have shoes much less items they can store away for each season! So as I share each of my favorite outfits with you, I'm praising Him for all that He has given me, including my spring attire and the wonderful weather with which to enjoy it!


  1. you're so great with it! i suck at making up "cute" outfits so i normally just wear work out clothes. its my thing ;)

    1. Thank you! I enjoy it so much... there's so much inspiration out there (Pinterest) so I can't take credit for everything I've put together. ;)