Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday's Top Ten [Pinterest Pins!]

We've all run across DIY projects on Pinterest that look beautiful and your outcome is not as picturesque. Or recipe's that make your mouth water until you take a bite. What's awesome about those truths is that everyone associated with Pinterest can relate. So much so that Buzzfeed has 17 Pinterest Fails that are hilariously relatable and then there's this picture (that I pinned of course).

Fortunately there are a few that are actually worth pinning. Here's 10 of mine (and, of course, after viewing mine check out Melany's):

1. DIY Blackhead Remover - Do you know how much money I could spend on pore cleansing strips? This nifty, stinky combination will save me a ton of money! My nose and chin thank you diyfashion.com I truly do appreciate you sharing this. My only suggestion is cutting it in half, I didn't even begin to use all of it after putting it on my nose and chin.

2. DIY Roman Shades - What I pinned. My outcome. Thanks for the inspiration Homemade Ginger!

3. This cool idea to give a plain old vase an uplift using hot glue and twine:

Beware, however, because once you're done you may or may not have thumb prints.

4.  This dish did not last long in our household. There were seriously ZERO leftovers. Bean ate 2 helpings all by herself! (Guess that's a do again!)
Chicken Broccoli Supreme
5. Scarves are my favorite accessory, so I found this pin extremely helpful. Full of fun possibilities.

6. I can't pick one, so I'm going to share this entire board called, KIDS! (Create & Craft); there are some amazing project ideas! (Okay, I have another one called "Do WITH Them" that also has some fantastic ideas to explore, play, and imagine with your children.)

Hehe do you like how I inserted more than ten? 

7. I found this post extremely informative. All my elementary teacher friends, check this out and see if you agree. I thought it was pretty legit, but I'm certified to teach 7-12th graders! Every parent needs a list like this (and as you know, I like lists).

8. Right now I'm in love with button up shirts! So I'm kind of obsessed with pins like these...

9. My 'Love it' board has over 300 pins (and growing) so picking one was difficult, but this pin never fails in making me giggle out loud. It's.soooooo.true!

10. I just finished reading Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis and this post (not written by Lewis) was fantastic. Oh.my.word. she hit the nail on the head.

I had a really, really hard time limiting myself because I have approximately 6,000 pins and 90 boards! Seriously.
Be sure to follow me on Pinterest, I follow a lot of great people who find a lot of great stuff! Occasionally I happen across something worth keeping as well.

Melany is also a worthy person to follow because this.girl.is.smart. How much do I learn from her? Tons. Check her list out as well!

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