Friday, May 29, 2015

A Bit of my "Blogger Testimony"

Recently a conversation with a fellow blogger arose where she admitted her discouragement with audience numbers on her blog, resulting in a lack of motivation to write. I offered her advice on how to increase her views via many social platforms, but I offered it with caution. I share this with you because I think all bloggers, not just my friend, can relate to a bit of my "blogger testimony". This is what I told her...

I wanted instant audience growth the moment I set my blog up and scoured any and all social outlets to expand my views. It helped, but it was becoming such an obsession that I had to stop looking at my "stats" and take off the Google+ reader widget that showed how many followers I had. It didn't take me long to realize that I was joining the popularity wars of high school all over again via my blog. I forgot how easy it was/is to be sucked into that nonsense. So I'll give you what I did (that worked), with caution. Don't let it get you down. In God's sovereignty, people will read what they need to read the moment they need to read it. If you reach the one person God intended, nothing else matters. Once I took on that mentality my views actually increased. The question I had to ask was, Who's glory am I truly writing for? If it's honestly for HIS, my audience pry won't be very big and my topics popular.   
I hope that my blogger faux pas helped you. If it doesn't apply to you, sorry, you just got a bit of my "blogger testimony" (haha). In reality I have no idea how many people from each social platform read my blog and I choose not to find out (for the reasons I wrote about previously) but I think you'll be surprised how quickly your blog will spread by "advertising" your blog on the platforms that interest you (not just Facebook).

On the day of my "blogger anniversary" I thought it appropriate to give my readers a bit of honest transparency behind my blog. Writing has always been a passion and I am super thankful for this outlet to share what I write. What amazes me is looking back at what I wrote 3 years ago and how much I've changed since then. I am excited to see the work God does in my life over the next 3 years and hopefully as I keep blogging you'll see it too.

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