Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [Toys I'll Never Give Up]

Guess how long it took me to come up with this list...

I bet you'll never believe me (or perhaps you'll understand all too well) that it took less than 5 minutes. These are toys that bring out the inner child in me, so I'll never give them up.
The truth behind that statement is what inspired this top ten topic and I'm sure Melany would agree. In fact, she's so good at entertaining littles that I'm quite positive her list is a fantastic one.
Plus, being a parent gives a great excuse to pull out your favorite toys and join your kids on the floor to play and imagine and create and act like a kid all over again! Without further ado here's the list of 10 toys I'll never give up...

1. Doll Houses and Dress-Up Dolls. I love setting up a little house and dressing up the little dolls to live in it. I doubt that hankering to play "house" goes away in little girls. God gave our hearts the desire to manage a home from day one.

2. Lego's. There's just something about building that could entertain me for hours. Growing up this was our favorite activity. We spent days building a Lego town and playing in it. I don't know if it's the memories with my siblings that make this toy an all time favorite, but the yearning to play Lego's comes up occasionally (especially if all four of us get together). In fact, I actually have Lego sets in my "wish list" on Amazon for the day Bean and I can begin putting them together. This is one of them:
A Lego treehouse! How cool is that?

3. Lincoln Logs. This is an all time classic and ranks up there with Lego's for the very same reason.

4. Crayons and Coloring Books. This is another one of my favorite activities to do with my Briella Bean. I'm a hoarder in many areas of my life and this is one of them... I have a hard time tossing the pictures we color... sigh...

5. Tea Party. I love tea parties! There's so many options to make this a memorable experience: dress up, real tea, cookies, outside or inside, beautiful conversation with your littlest blessing... I love playing tea party even as an adult for all those same reasons I enjoyed it so much as a little girl. Now I get to enjoy it with my own little girl.

6. Lite-Brite. We don't actually own one of these right now because of the small pieces but this gem is also in my Amazon wish list:
I love any toy that requires imagination and creating! This is one that accomplishes both. (They even sell "refill packs" galore with many different picture options. So cool! Lite-Brite has come a long way since my childhood.)

7. Mickey and Minnie Mouse. I don't care what people say, they are the cutest little couple Disney came up with. We have Mickey and Minnie stuffed toys, Mickey and Minnie match cards, Mickey and Minnie dress up ears and clothes, Mickey and Minnie this and Mickey and Minnie that.

8. Puzzles. One of my favorite gifts from Kyle was a giant Mickey and Minnie puzzle (shocking I know) with so many intricate pieces that it forced us to think and have great conversation while putting it together. He said that was his motivation for getting it and it was a wonderful way to spend our evenings together when we were first married. Thankfully, my daughter seems to enjoy this pastime as much as her mommy and daddy.

9. Sand Box. This also offered hours of entertainment growing up. My dad built a rather large one for our backyard in Arkansas and we spent many summer days playing in it. We loved being barefoot, building roads for our cars, sand castles, burying each other... so many memories that I want to repeat with my own children.

10. Sleds. I will never, ever get over this snowy day activity that includes giggles, snow angels, and hot chocolate afterwards...

I very much enjoyed making this list! I think it's time to stop writing about it, grab my daughter and play with one of these toys. Memories to be made....

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