Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten Plus Ten [My Dream _____.]

I enjoy these fill in the blank topics because there's so many possibilities! It's been fun telling you about a few of my dreams. Don't forget to check out Melany's list...

1. My Dream Vacation: Italy. There's lots of places I want to go, but Italy has been #1 on my list since I was little and stole a National Geographic from my Great Grandfather (shhhhh don't tell) that had the story of Mt. Vesuvius, Pompeii and Herculaneum (it was a 1984 edition, the year I was born, which is what caught my eye in the first place). And yes, I still have it.

2. My Dream Home. Has an open layout with the living room, kitchen and dining room all as one big room. I want a big kitchen because that's where family gathers. A fireplace is a must. A big closet and bathtub would also be nice. Oh, oh, oh and a beautiful library! I have lots of dream ideas for a future home on my Pinterest board, Dream a Little Dream, but if none of those ideas come to fruition I'm okay with that. I'm 110% positive God has something perfect in mind for my mansion in heaven.

3. My Dream Car. Has always been a bug. I got to drive one for a few years before having to get rid of it. (It's just not a family friendly car. Sad face.) I'm super thankful I got to own my dream car, most people aren't able to say that...

4. My Dream 5 years from now... is to have my student loan debt paid off and I'd also like to be back in the classroom. We shall see what God has in store!

5. My Dream 20 years from now... I'd like to have a vow renewal ceremony. When I originally promised Kyle to love and honor him for the rest of my life, I didn't really mean it. For the first year of our marriage I tossed around the "D" word every time an issue came up. I was manipulative and selfish. I simply want to celebrate the promise I made 25 years into marriage and actually mean it when I say it front of family and friends this time around. Plus, our vows have so much more meaning behind it now that I understand marriage in relation to Christ and the church body. This experience will definitely be CHRIST centered and less me centered.

6. My Dream is to adopt someday. I know there's many, many, many little children running around needing a loving home. I saw many walk through my classroom, which inspired this idea in the first place.

7. My Dream classroom includes a loaded library, the latest Apple technology, well-behaved kids that want to learn, supportive parents, a team of teachers that love working together, a supportive principal and superintendent, small classroom sizes... you know all the stuff that's unrealistic in America's education system...

8. My Dream party includes ballroom dancing, fancy dresses, good food, wonderful friends, and an evening without my two left feet where I could dance with elegance and grace...

9. My Dream is to spread the message of hope wherever God leads me.

10. My ultimate dream is quite simple: I just want to grow old with my love and best friend and raise his babies in the knowledge of Jesus Christ according to His Word. If that all that God offers me in this lifetime, I'll die happy.

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