Friday, October 7, 2016


After I presented a devotion on how marriage is like a tree during a bridal shower I hosted someone asked, "Your IQ must be really high!" Although I was grateful for the compliment I was also a bit surprised. Me? 

The girl who struggles with math so much that if I run out of fingers and toes I'm screwed. Or the one who must use a calculator at work when someone makes more than one copy. (We charge .15/copy, should be easy right?) Or the one who cried every time it was time to do math homework. In fact, the only reason I made it through college algebra was because I sat next to a helpful friend. Also, my husband did my astrology homework without even attending the lectures because I was struggling.

I graduated from college with a degree in English/Language Arts, but more times than not my best friend corrects my grammar and spelling. Sometimes I forget how to spell ov... of... OF!

Words leave my brain all.the.time. I'll be looking at a rocking chair and completely forget what it's called. The same goes for names. I stared at a friend (that I've known for years) because I could not, for the life of me, remember her name. Geez, I felt like an idiot.

It's frustrating and embarrassing. 

I have many, many stories that reveal my stupidity. Today I added to those stories, thus knocking my overall IQ (and pride) down a few notches (not that it was high to begin with).

I created this heartbeat picture with Jesus in it. I was trying to be all symbolic, except I spelled it fesus. No joke. I didn't even notice it until someone had commented (forehead slap) and then I could not, absolutely not, remember how to write the letter J in cursive. I debated for a long time on whether or not to leave it so others could join in on the laughing, because it was quite hilarious, or if I should delete it and try again (but I couldn't remember how to write a J), or just delete it and poke fun of my IQ here. I decided this was way more fun.

The only reason I have a brain at all is because God gave it to me and any enlightenment was given by the Almighty Creator of wisdom and knowledge. That fact is quite clear, because its revealed in Scripture, but it's also very clearly true when you hear my own life-examples from days like today when I tried to do something smart-like on my own, then show it off, and it comes out something like... fesus... 

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